Chicago, Illinois

My husband and I are taking my parents to the Christmas Mountain Village in two weeks for the weekend and I am wondering what would happen if we skipped out on the presentation? What would we be charged?

After reading all of the reviews it makes me seriously regret every booking this darn trip in the Bass Pro Shops During Christmas time.

The reviews for the resort itself are terrible and it makes me wonder what the *** I was thinking. I do not want to sit for a long presentation on such a short trip only to be pushed into some sort of timeshare!!

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miffed I am a gold owner and I do not work for Bluegreen.

how do I know so much about BG .... well very simple I have taken the time to learn how to use what I bought ..... most of which is just common sense when it comes down to it


UK, how do you know so much about Bluegreen if you aren't working for them or you are not an "owner"


I have to smile you all shout scammers when you lot are the biggest scammers out there.

You all scam free or cheap vactions , some of you are good at it some of you get caught out but at the end of the day those of you who take the high morale road are no different from those you call scammers.

No doubt after you cheat a company and get a cheap holiday it makes you feel good but you know that god will forgive you when you go to church on Sunday lol

It is good to have a laugh at you all

If you want a timeshare buy one if you do not then dont go but please dont try to make out yoy are being scammed when you are the ones doing the scamming it just shows how shallow you are .


They will charge you an outrageous cost if you skip out on the presentation, the best way to get the presentation over quick and painless is to tell the rep you really love the program but you have recently filed bankruptcy and you are not allowed to make any purchases. This will get you out of their quickly and no hassles.


One word for bluEgreen SCAMMERS.




we did this they did all that was promised,gift cards bass pro,room 2 nights w/water park tickets. presentation was 2 hrs, we did get pushed to buy but i told them just lost my job barely amking it.

no thanks they tried every price arrangement to fit still said No! would do again if i had the time.



You might want to check reviews on Yelp, or other similar web pages.


A condo unit that sleeps 4 at Wisconsin Dells in the summer was going for $100/night on Hotwire. No vacation club membership, no principal or interest, no maintenance fees, no special assessments. Other pages (TUG, I think) had Christmas Mountain Village one week rental for $500 in summer. A condo in Wisconsin Dells can be had for $50,000 according to, and that's full ownership. P&I at today's rates come out to around $180/month (and can be rented for more than $100/night), and the interest and property taxes are tax deductible. Based on these analyses, I see no financial advantage to joining a timeshare company or vacation club. In fact, it makes me rather interested in investing in a condo for rental purposes.


Tammy all I can tell you is that when Bluegreen bought the tower (which use to be the hotel part of the yachtsman resort ) it came with the unsold inventory in the north and south buildings. These units are not part of the vacation club Bg use these for rentals .

Bluegreen do manage the yachtsman resort but would say they do not have much imput in to the state of the units that will be up to the board of the HOA, they are the ones who are responsible to maintain the resort through the fees paid to them by the owners.

How did you manage to use your points ? you are the first I have heard that has a reservation there.


Please tell me about the Yachtsman @ Myrtle Beach SC not the Sea Glass Tower which is AWESOME. I have read bad reviews please confirm that this is not true (old, outdated, dirty carpet & walls, bed soiled) I spent 7000 points and have what they call a cutter room.



Just as a matter of interest R Christmas Mountain in a 1 bed unit sleeps 4 Mon thro Thursady in Peak periods (and Holiday periods) would cost me just $90 for the 4 nights or in a unit that sleeps 10 just $200 ie $50 a night.

This is based on the number of points needed and the mf to go with them so each can make up their own minds at this kind of level then break even comes very quickly and to be honest with all resale timeshare not selling my extra 21000 which I bought 2 yrs ago for $53, payback has come and gone a long time ago


Thank you R for reporting back and being truthfull on your presentation. Timeshare does not work for all it does for us but no way is it a scam.

Good luck in your future vactions


So we did the Bluegreen presentation at Christmas Mountain Village. They did give us the promised accommodations at Chula Vista Resort. The place is a bit dated, but the kids still had fun.

As far as the presentation went, maybe we were lucky, but it really did last two hours. The first hour was some guy who said he was from out of town and did a slide show. Bring a sweater because the really crank up the air conditioner in that theater. Anyway, he did his selling points but talked fast when going over numbers. Someone mentioned Hotwire prices and the guy got pretty ticked off. From my perspective, some of the things he said didn't ring true.

So then we got the individual sales rep. There was a lot of confusion as to who would be assigned to us. They guy was pretty nice to us and did his standard numbers presentation. They were taken aback by how we were able to book inexpensive rooms ourselves online. You could see the balloon deflating. (If you want to burst their bubbles, tell them how you get nice rooms for $50/night via Priceline. In our case, it was the truth, also.) The sales rep then took us around, partly wasting time (and gas) by driving us around the resort area. For the most part, I asked him about himself. After the tour, the two hour mark was up. The sales rep got some manager to come over. He asked if we wanted a $100/month plan. We declined, and then guy signed us out.

While it was relatively painless for us, we did notice that other couples were getting a lot more harassment from other sales reps. I would say that if you are in that situation, just walk out at the two hour mark. The presentation was somewhat educational, but I have to say that I will avoid timeshare/vacation club presentations in the future.


HC the only way I am going to be a victim is if people listen and act on what you tell them infact we will all be victims of you lol

You have not got a clue on *** the system works yet you still think you are top dog

I can only pity you for being so short sighted.

You seem to think you are being clever but sorry it is so sad to see you support people that sign contracts and then refuse to pay.

I am sure if one of these people bought some product off you used it then asked for a full refund after they had finished with it you will cough up the money

Just grow up and if you need to tell these people anything then it should be be accountable for your own action


Wow really are afraid of becoming a BG victim.


HC just learn how the BGVC works please before you make anymore foolish statements.

BGVC is part of BG Corp just because you and your cronies think you can pull BG under the BGVC will not be part of it ,it will just be sold off and continue under another owner

I am protecting happy owners from having to pay extra on the mf to cover for your cronies who will not face up to their responsibilites

HC you think you are smart but in reality you are as thick as 2 short planks, what I have explained above is very basic business sence even you should be able to understand that.


HC from the very people you are telling not to keep up with their payments, their mf payments have to be absorbed by the rest of the owners

So by telling people the truth of how the vc works instead of people like you who habe no idea calling it a *** and a scam I am protecting my holidays and keeping costs down.

At the end of the day those who do not pay will be forclosed and sooner the better

your very statement shows that you have no idea how BGVC works if you and your cronies try to wipe BG of the face of the earth the vc will just be sold to another company and carry on regardless , as I said above I am protecting myself and rest of the happy owners from having to pay increased mf because your cronies will not take responsibilty for what they have signed up for.

HC just learn about the vc before making any more silly comments


Why are you having to protect your vacations UK????

Are you afraid that when BG has to pay settlements to the victims again...that they will have to fold this time and you will then become a victim???


AF, how many times do I have to tell people that I do NOT work for BG .

and by the way I do have a respectable job which pays for my holidays via Bluegreen.

Why is it that people like you can not understand a very simple vacation system.

It is no scam it is like any other timeshare system

The only thing I am protecting are my Holidays

Why should BGVC have to us my fees to defend people who but into the system and then not pay .



It is so blatantly obvious that you are trying in your offensive way to protect the company you work for !!!! Do yourself a favor and go get another job. A respectable one!!!