Overland Park, Kansas

My 12 aniversery the room above us was so loud the walls and bed where vibrating they where jumping off furniture all day we could not come back and resti called the front desk they said could not do nothing about it till after 11 did not even offer to change our room I left a comment gave them my email and still no return comment back thanks no service blue green mountainloft in gatlinburg tenn the room was very nice and the grounds where very well kept we just wanted to have a nice relaxing anniversery we stayed thereon the nov 18 _ 20

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Darling you are soooooo wrong I do not work for BG I am just one of the many many owners who are sooooooo happy with their ownership.

We have to put you idiots right darlings we can not have you telling all those porkie pies can we.

We know the truth and darlings we are loving it


If you were taken advantage of or the company was misrepresenting themselves or the deal in any way don't just fool around with these message boards or contacting the BBB, contact your Attorney General and even the U.S. Attorney General's office.

Also, don’t allow these "happy customers" to fool you. If they were so happy, why trawl the complaint boards?

Because they have a stake in the company. Right, darling, sweetie, Piggy?


Reputable companies do not have their people write terse, snarky replies to people(implying they are just fellow shareholders) when the BG person neithers knows basic spelling nor correct grammar or punctuation(all the while acting like the dissatified person is ***). We were approached by a person in Bass Pro about one of these so-called vacations.

After reading the email they sent me, I am writing for the return of my money, contacting my credit card company and writing a letter to Bass Pro regarding their poor choice of business associations.

I am not going to shop at Bass Pro anymore. How unfortunate.


Jessica, what a *** and silly comment to make, what if there had been a fire and the staff had not evacuated and somebody had died.

If that someone had been YOU would your family have thought it a JOKE.

Grow up and act as if you are a responsible adult and not a spoilt little brat.


Place was horrible. Walls are paper thin and the alarm system went off twice while I was staying there and we had to evacuate both times!

What a joke! They could not pay me to ever go there again!


Darling that could have happened to you at any hotel. The quite time is from 11 pm after that time then yes something can be done.

if they had changed your room no doubt you would have complained about the $50 housekeeping fee.

You do not say if you are a Bluegreen owner ?