East Meadow, New York
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On or aabout april the 21 a rep from resorts gave a sale pitch and I boughtt to the tune of 498.00. I was assured that I would get all the necessary paper work for a vacation in fla for 5 days and another stay at vegas or a cruise.

It has be nearly a month and no paper work and when I call the number give me to talk to someone about any problem. ( no one answers the phone except a message and no one call back to answer your questions.

If this is customer service then they are in the wrong business. I am contacting the Attorney Generals office of Florida and New York to place formal complaint and also cotacting my credit card company to give them the low down on this company and maybe they can fine them or best yet put them out of business.

Monetary Loss: $498.

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i work for bluegreen and i think your all full of it you get just what they told you


i just received a call from this company and knew it sounded to good to be true. fortunatly i hung up before i gave them my credit card information.

it was the same type of scam saying i won a trip to orlando studios and to just call back 866-456-6191 when i had my card handy. they will not be receiving a call back i hope the next person looks into it before someone else gets scammed too.


The first salesman that calls you works for an independent sales company so that that salesman can lie like crazy before he "transfers" you over to a "manager" (which is from Blue Green Resorts). And then the Blue Green Resorts can deny any responsibility of the lies that their paid salesman told you. Many things are said in such a way to purposely mislead you to think something else. At the end of a dispute the main manager will say that the only thing that matters is what was recorded for the credit card company. Like, all other purposefully misleading statements and even lies were off of the record.

After doing diligent research, I looked up statutes and sections of Code under Florida law, for the Florida Sellers of Travel act which states that within 30 days of payment it is unlawful to refuse a refund regardless of the stipulations, such as a recorded agreement, it also is unlawful since only a verbal agreement was made and is inadmissible in court, if you only made a verbal agreement and not a written one then you are entitled to the full refund. All I had to do was remind them of the state laws that they were violating and my refund was returned to me within a week.

Tip: if they hang up on you call them back and ask for the same person, just be persistent and don't take no for an answer and you will have your money back in no time.

As of 6/10/2010 their phone number is (866) 456-6191. You can also call the number on the back of your credit card to dispute the charge.

Hopefully this will help others get their money back and not be scammed by this vile company.

Hope this helps.