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I bought a two night stay in Vegas for $99 at the local Bass Pro Shop. It wasn't "Vegas" that lured me to it but the fact that I can upgrade to a different destination and I have a year to decide where I want to go. After many months, my girlfriend and I decided on Aruba and we were very close to booking our flights but I wanted to make sure I read the Terms carefully and did my research before proceeding with the reservation. And man, I'm so glad that I did, but now I'm way past my cancellation period and already $99 in, and nowhere near Vegas.

I have no interest in buying a Bluegreen timeshare, especially after reading the countless complaints from the owners that have bought into the program. As a matter of fact, I don't think my credit score is even good enough to be a part owner of a property but according to the Terms that makes me "ineligible to redeem this promotion." I wish the guy at Bass Pro told me that before he swiped my card because technically, that makes me dismissible at any of their properties and I don't want to be stranded in a foreign country. Or maybe he did but I wasn't really paying attention because I was too excited about the words "vacation" and "free" being used repeatedly.

Even IF they let me walk out of the "hassle-free" 4-hour presentation unscathed, it sounds like they're going to 1) bombard me with sales calls, 2) mail me illegally drafted documents, or 3) withdraw unauthorized charges from my credit card, and that's IF they have my reservation upon arrival. Again, I don't want to be stranded in a foreign country.

So I carefully thought out all the possible scenarios that can come from this purchase:

1) Walk out as a proud owner of a Bluegreen timeshare (credit score permitting)

2) Get bombarded with sales calls

3) Get bombarded with illegally drafted documents

4) Get bombarded with unauthorized charges from my credit card

5) Get stranded in a foreign country

No thanks, you can keep the $99. But please, lose my number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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hello , actually exist many problems with the Timeshares around the world , i had experienced something very similar , i dont have any idea about how its gonna work , by the way those people are experts on the field , so dont let convince you , check out this blog , for me was very useful, good luck



Ok. Kp has posted the exact same positive review on several complaints

Really blue green can we be more obvious?

I think it is a huge rip off... My in laws own shares... I have not been impressed ... If they will the time share to us... We will refuse it


We stayed at the resort in Pigeon Forge. Everyone was very nice at the hotel and our room was spotless.

Only complaints are that the couple next door was so loud in their arguement that we could hear every word and the towels were frayed. The porch looked out over a bank of air conditioner compressors (big fans) and the sofa was a bit worn. Presentation took 45 min. and they were very polite when I gave them my reasons for not wanting to buy.

They kept throwing out "5 star properties" in the presentation.

This was maybe 3 star. If I had owned a timeshare and been placed in this room I would have felt cheated.


My wife and I bought almost two years ago. We love it.

We have used it 18 times and looking for are next one now. We own at Big Cedar. We have been to many of the resorts that Bluegreen owns and a few with RCI. I have booked all of them on the days we wanted but one.

I had to move it two days to get the one we wanted. We have stayed in cabins, 1, 2, 3 bedroom condos. We are heading to Disney in 3 weeks. We booked that about 3 months ago.

I think if you know how to use it you can stay where you want when you want. ..... USE COMMON SENCE...... If it's the week of July 4th you need to book as soon as you know you want to go to that resort.

If you think your going to get a 3 bedroom cabin two weeks before the week of the 4th, your probably not going to get it. As for the Maintance fees. That is the insurance, taxes and upkeep of the property. Do you think you could have a two bedroom condo with 4 and 5 star amenities for less taxes, insurance and upkeep for what you pay??

My parents owned a two bedroom condo that did not have half the things you get at most of the Bluegreen resorts and paid almost twice what I pay for 18000 points. If we keep using it like we have we will have paid very little to stay at 4 and 5 star resorts over the years. If I break down how much it cost us per night of stay.

It costs about $63.50 a night. Can you stay at a Motel 6 for that?????



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