West Palm Beach, Florida
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I arrived at the St. Augusting Resort but was not allowed to check in because I forgot to bring my driver's license., Not because they did not know who I was from other ID because if they sold me something they say they cannot complete the sale???

I drofe 120 miles with my granddaughter and no place to stay at 5pm in the day. No help from BlueGreen or Bass Pro, just sorry go find some place to stay or go home. Not prettty!! Remember they have your money and will refuse your stay if they wish.

Can't get money back but if I want to make another reversation and pay another $50 and drive another 240 miles round trip, I can stay. A little to costly for me.

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you drove 120 miles without your driver's license

you forgot your driver's license? i find that incredible.


you people need to cool out your comments. some one just might know who you are.


Huh? What responsible adult leaves their hometown and drives a CHILD around without a license and then BLAMES the resort company because they followed procedure?


You should have been. arrested for driving without a license and child endangerment!


By the way, if you need help with any of the big words, let me know. I know a couple of kindergarten teachers that would love to help.


Some people are so rude. This guy is trying to vent his frustration and some *** that can't even spell anonymous has to insult him.

How much do you and your insulting *** friend george get paid to insult people. Your not very good at it.

Maybe you should learn to spell and use grammar at a 3rd grade level or higher. How dare you call someone retarded when you are so cleary a *** yourself.


I am sorry, some people don't have driver license's. I have heard other stuff from others, or paid for a week and an were run out in 2 days.

This is BS.


driving without your license is an offense especially 120 miles! thats retarded.


No sympathy- u should always have your ID on you....almost every hotel chain operates that way as it is a legal issue