Springfield, Missouri

My husband and I toured several timeshares, before we decided to buy. Not because we are mooches, but because we are wise investors.

Only an *** buys something sight unseen. It is always wise to check out anything before you buy it, especially large purchase items. The timeshare industry plays the odds with about a 1/3 of the people who walk through their doors becoming owners. It is a cost-effective advertising ploy that benefits both parties.

We do currently own a timeshare and feel that after seeing what is out there, we made an informed decision.

Thank you.

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Bluegreen's sales methods are unnecessarily high-pressure and overall their customer service is well below standards. If you are considering sitting through one of their boiler room pitches, note the time that you arrived and leave.

Someone should purchase bluegreen sales people a watch. While I wouldn't say Bluegreen is a scam, this is one of those painful life lessons where buyer must beware because, candidly, Bluegreen is in it for the money.

I don't fault them for the business but point with serious disdain at their ethics and business practices. Think twice before attending this, or any, timeshare presentation.


Most Time Share companies have a policy that if you don't buy now you can't do related tour for six months. They cite the 72 hour right to cancel as the reason you can't "Think about it".

They are so afraid of you "shopping" and they don't want to loose you to a better salesman someplace else. Sounds like car salesmen? You bet, same deal except I get to test drive my car and don't have to hope it's available because they continue to use it for a demo after I bought it. My timeshare was great because the board was made up of owners who used it for their personal vacation plans.

Then the Corporation was taken over and the marketing dept. started hoarding units for promotions.

Why do I want more members when I can't get the resort I want when I want it. I am tired of getting offered a hotel room size unit in Clevland when what I wanted was a Ocean View unit in Kaanapali, Maui.


Yes, but the problem is the high pressure sales tactics by many timeshare operators, Bluegreen in particular. I attended a presentation, and I was very interested in what they had to offer--but there was no way in *** I was going to make a decision that day.

But that was their only offer--that day or no way. How are you supposed to make an informed decision that way?

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #27634

Glad you made the right choice for you.

You are one of the few people (that have posted on here), that have sat down and worked out what is best for you and also done your homework I hope you enjoy your timeshare for many years to come.

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