Maryville, Tennessee

8/11/15 . The 90 minute time wound up to be four hours some of it was due we had questions, so it was not all pressure to buy. The representative was fine and friendly but really did not know details, so a manager assisted most of the time. during the sales pitch we asked to be left alone twice, they only stay away a few minutes then come back with other offers, of course at lower cost. When asked to see some real properties booking on line, they refused unless we were " owners" As we were looking over the offers, the interest rate was 16.9% , insane . Who would take a loan out with that rate ???

Maintenance costs, Dues are concerning ?? Small red flag

They tell you when staying at any resort, they have discounted rates for other adventures like fishing, hunting. They would not give me any names of guides or clubs I could call to verify how much the discount is , Red Flag !! Was told my wife also could use, "day use" on certain resorts at no cost, but was vauge on the details . We have been through other time share offers, this is close to how they market, they did pressure you some , wanting you to make a choice to spend lots of money without really having the time to check this type of purchase out, to me a Big Red Flag !! There are more complaints on BlueGreen then there are positive reviews. Once we told them our credit is locked, Game over !! They really wanted us gone then. We were thinking of buying the $795.00, one year deal and was just going to purchase outright, but would not sell to us without having access to our credit, RED RED FLAG !!!! We even asked to talk to a person in corporate why that is, first they said they would not know anyone they know, so my wife insisted of a person to talk with , the manager came back with a basic 800 number on a sticky note with out anyones name. Red Flag !! So as I look at more reviews, it worked out the best for us, we did not buy, our credit was accessed, and I feel in my heart its was the correct decision. For me to do this sort of thing, I would like to take vacations of the actual resorts, stay a few nights trying it out, then buy if its in the cards for us.If its as good as the sales pitch they would be willing to show all they say they offer and woo you over with a great deal, you and family will have memories of a lifetime. I would pay per "Vacation" and my choice of their resorts at reasonable fee and see if it worth it but not give them access to my credit report.

I would not recommend this place of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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