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GF signed up for the BlueGreen deal: $50 for 3 nights in exchange for listening to a two hour presentation. GF would pay $200 up front and be refunded $150 after the (two hour) sales pitch.

She realized BlueGreen might be a scammer when she called to see exactly where we would be staying. (They want you to go to their office before assigning a room. We were arriving late.) They put us in Saint Petersburg, not St. Pete Beach, so we were 15-30 minutes from the beach. There story was something like they didn't lie, you could request a beach front room. (With 20/20 hindsight one should ask how many of those requests are honored. I'm not convinced any of those requests are honored.) I had to listen to her repeat her story to multiple customer service reps who were playing what I thought were flip-flam switcharoo ripoff games with her.

The presentation she was to attend was scheduled at on Saturday morning and I made our itinerary around that. When we arrive we discover they have changed it to Sunday morning. (Perhaps they were trying to trap church goers? Remember they keep $150 if you don't do the presentation. This would be a nasty trick to play on the devout.)

(I am starting to think BlueGreen and fraud go together. Admittedly I am using the dictionary definition, which is deception for financial gain. The deception was regards the property location of available rooms and I read the presentation notice and it doesn't have the time limit conveyed during the initial call where the deal was made.)

Also, when we get to the hotel we are told we must pay the tax of $33.81.

The hotel (Comfort Inn North [Saint Petersburg]) itself was clean and the staff was helpful.

I dropped the GF off at the presentation and went for a walk. After two hours I return to pick her up. (Yes, I know how lucky I am. I'm currently between jobs and can truthfully say my income doesn't meet their requirements.) At first I was told she was on the way down. Twenty minutes later they say she is almost finished with the tour. I inform them that I will begin writing a review. Forty minutes later they start to say I have no standing. I remind them I can write a review. After three hours (total time/ 50% longer than they falsely represented) I go looking and the GF appears.

GF doesn't want me to write about BlueGreen as fraud and a scam. However, that extra hour gives me skin in the game so to speak. They claim they aren't a timeshare, but I am not so sure.

We were lucky - the $150 Visa Gift card was valid (used $149.80 of it). The presentation was only 180 minutes (and not 4 - 5 hours). GF said she got out before nearly everyone else - I can't recall the tactic she used.

I would recommend anyone who just signed up seriously consider what they are up against. Look at everything BlueGreen reps say and realize they could have a lawyer giving them a script with half-truths.

I have one last note about that tax. I did see the final receipt, and part of it was a service fee. When you expect to pay $50 and the cost jumps to $83.81 I call foul.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: I want other consumers to be super careful dealing with BlueGreen. They need to be honest about how long the sales pitch is. They need to be entirely honest about the location of the hotel they are putting people in..

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Customer service, Having to play the game.

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  • Ripoff
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