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Everyone that is unhappy with blue green resorts needs to contact your attorney general office i have already and make a complaint.States have sued blue green and won settlements for them.Also go to the better business web sight read the complaints and make your own.Lets show them we are not going to lay down and take this we are going to put a stop to them.We signed up last year with them after reading all the complaints i feel like it was the worst mistake we ever made signing anything with this company.Very disappointed in this company.

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This is a very long review written for those researching time shares and specifically Bluegreen(BG). I am writing this review because in my own research I have found very little objective information that helped me evaluate the BG timeshare opportunity. Before you waste your time reading it all let me make a few statements. I do not work for BG, I do not own any time shares, I do not work in the vacation industry, I recently heard the timeshare pitch at a BG resort in VA. If you have already formed an opinion about BG and Timeshares don’t waste time reading on. Please don’t feel compelled to write a response to tell me how much you disagree with me. This is my opinion based on my experience. I believe that every person is entitled to their own opinions. I also believe that’s where “entitlement” should end.

In this review I will attempt to give some details that form an objective viewpoint rather than a red faced rant. My hope is to give people trying to figure out if timeshares are a good idea for their family some real information to help them evaluate.

I am middle aged, married, and have one small child. I purchased a promotional weekend almost a year ago with BG knowing it included a timeshare presentation. I received 75% of the purchase of the weekend back in gift cards at a retailer that I shop at a lot, so this 2 night weekend cost me about $59 out of pocket. We received a 3BR cabin that in my opinion was one of the nicest cabins I have ever stayed in. The weekend was a win for me for celebrating 14 years of marriage regardless of the timeshare topic. (I’ve heard that at this resort these cabins are the nicest, so everybody may not get the same experience here).

My wife and I sat through the presentation with a very open mind. For the first time in our lives we are financially in a position to invest in our entertainment future so we were very interested in hearing about existing opportunities. There was a 1 hour presentation from a pretty good communicator. The presentation is a very “over-the-top” view of what BG can offer, and, of course it is all the good stuff with not much detail. Remember, they are selling something. After the presentation you get a consultant to answer your questions privately and explain pricing. There are plenty of questions that you should ask that go well beyond “how much is it?” People don’t like to read contracts and go through details, but as the saying goes, “the devil’s in the details”. You simply can not skip over the details and expect to get any respect from others when it’s not going how you like it. However, you have to be mentally disciplined to not jump to the most favorable conclusion. If you haven’t learned it in life already then let me give some advice. DON’T TAKE ANYONE’S WORD FOR ANYTHING. READ THE FINE PRINT.

The consultant and the financial guy that we dealt were very courteous. I’m sure this is very dependent on who you get but at no time did I feel disrespected. Some people complain about “high pressure” sales tactics. I’m not sure what that means since normally no examples are given but I did not experience what I would consider “high pressure”. In my opinion, pressure is very much what you allow it to be. I suppose some would say that being told you have to make a decision right now, is high pressure. That is only high pressure if you let it be. If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable you simply say no thanks and it’s over. Where is the pressure? In our case, we listened to the whole thing, asked questions and discussed for about 1hr, and did not feel comfortable making a decision. I told them that I am not an impulsive decision maker and if I had to make a decision right then that the answer was “no”. I had one more day at the resort so I asked if I could think it over and get back to them the next day. Obviously they don’t want this to be but then it’s up to them to turn down the opportunity to gain an owner. They said yes. We took this time to call some friends that we knew had timeshares with other companies and to evaluate the information that was presented.

Here’s the conclusion: we decided that it was a “no” for us at this time. It wasn’t BG and it wasn’t the timeshare concept. I put the numbers into a spreadsheet. This included the buy-in , the maintenance fees, the property taxes, etc. I looked at the total cost over 10 years. For the package we were looking at we could expect 5 vacations over 10 years paid for by points. When it came down to it, we were going to pay $2,800 per vacation for lodging. I do not think this is an astronomical figure, but it depends on how and where you currently vacation. We do not normally spend that much on our vacations and didn’t think that we would for the next 10 years so it was an easy decision.

There are a number of other factors that you need to consider though. Timeshare’s are good for life but be careful with this concept. They have done some things to “lock” point values and claim that it is “inflation proof” I don’t personally think that is a concept that has much validity. In today’s economic market I don’t know how anyone can claim that with certainty. Conceptually it’s legit but in the real world I think that’s a tall order. What if the resort sells all of its current holdings and adds new ones that were not in the pool when you signed up? Locked rates won’t matter then. This is very likely over at 10-20 year period. Most businesses look at investments in that same time frame. (that’s just one example of what could happen) Can you pass this down to your kids? Sure, but it might not be worth anything when you do it. These are just some of the reasons we looked at a 10 year period.

During the 1 hour presentation we were told that BG knew that at least 50% of us would not sign up and that was just fine. In our case, that was us and when we finally came to that answer the consultant shook my and hand and said “thanks for your time”. What else can you ask for? I walked away with some knowledge about timeshares, a basically free weekend getaway and an opportunity help some others in a similar situation. Tell me where else you can do that by giving a few hours of your time.


Thanks Brian....we already bit...not once but twice! Wish we had seen this were very wise...we absolutely should have done what you did.

Any suggestions for us from this point on?

Wait it out and see if they go bankrupt and if we can recoup any costs...or let it go now? We respect your opinion...


well come on at least tell everyone what your complaint is.

If you can not use it then learn its very simple