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After a divorce in 2002, neither of us maintained payments to the timeshare and allowed it to go into foreclosure. Five years, I sent a letter to all three reporting agencies asking that it be removed from my credit rating. Not only did Bluegreen not remove the bad mark; they made it show that it was a repossession/foreclosure the very month I made the 2007! This caused my credit rating to drop significantly, during a time when I was looking for refinancing on my home. I spoke with Mary Lou at Corporate and she assured me that it had been an honest mistake and would be removed within the next "FEW" months. Needless to say, they did take that entire time to have it removed from all three bureaus and I lost out on the opportunity to refinance.

On to 2008. After improving my score to nearly 650, I started working with Armor Credit Services, a company who will perform the disputes and keep hammering the creditors until they are removed. Again, after the first dispute with Bluegreen, they did the same thing all over again! My score dropped to below 600 on all three bureaus and I've again lost out on the great rates due to the current interest rate drops (this is now February, 2008). After again talking with Mary Lou, she assured me that it was just another honest mistake and the bad marks would be, yet again, removed within a very lengthy time period.

How many more people are they doing this to, and is there any recourse? I doubt it, but I can assure anyone reading this that I am pursuing every avenue to try to recoup any and every $ I have coming to me. If anyone else has experienced this type of treatment from Bluegreen, please respond to this message. I can't possibly be the only one.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I can have the recent lates removed and refinance your credit if you need help email me at


"stop" obviously didn't read the entire post. They reported the RF as originally taking place in 2007, when it actually happened in 2002, five years earlier. My suggestion to "stop" would be to read up on fair credit reporting practices.


I do not know what you are complaining about. You bought a timeshare; if you like it or not you got yourself into a real estate purchase, and you didnt pay it.

If you didnt pay your house payment or car payment they would do the same thing. My only suggestion to you is be more responsible next time with your purchases.


blue green are bad....

i'm very sorry i believed on their time shares....



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