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We encountered Bluegreen initially at Bass Pro Shops. They stated and even wrote (on a flyer I still have) that Bluegreen “speaks for itself – Bass Pro!!”. This was the very first lie we were told, and it worked for obvious reasons, Bluegreen might be set-up at Bass Pro, but Bluegreen is not part of nor owned by Bass Pro. From the very start, had we not been misled so seriously thinking this was a Bass Pro “product” we would have never given an iota of time to Bluegreen. We certainly never would have dared to purchase. Bass Pro is reputable with a knack for customer service and a willingness to make things right for its customers; essentially, Bass Pro is everything Bluegreen is not, in all the ways that matter to a consumer!

I would like to point out the things we were told and then misled on, and the lies we were told that had zero truth to them whatsoever. We were told that the timeshare could be passed on to family, children and grandchildren, free vacationing for generations; and it is generations of ownership, but not even close to free, it comes with a cost. If you pass this on, your heirs are held responsible without any choice in the matter by-the-way, you are passing on DEBT, not vacations. If they do not want the timeshare, they still get it and the responsibility regardless. Family will need to continue paying (and they cannot refuse the timeshare if they don’t want the burdens). As any estate is obliged to pay the debt left behind. The maintenance fees continue and continue on for your loved ones, and the mortgage as well if it has not already been paid in-full (one of ours is paid in-full). Yes, you understood this correctly, if you have paid the entire timeshare off IN-FULL you will eternally still owe the maintenance fees, and speaking of those…

Maintenance fees, Bluegreen told us (and from the other reviews I am viewing) they also told others that once this is paid for, the maintenance fees end, and you are left with FREE vacations for lifetimes and generations to come. We were confidently assured that there are very few increases in these fees and minimal increases when it does happen (which was supposedly a rare occurrence). I have a flyer that I received after my 6/22/14 purchase (dated July 1st) with the maintenance fees listed as $1,085 a year (and dues – yes, dues, yet another charge…$129 yearly). They also claimed that using the Barclay credit card would offset maintenance fees, not even close, and at a 16.99% interest rate.

2014 $1,085

2016 $1,426+$341 in 2 years (OR $170.50 per year –> 2015 $170.50 + 2016 $170.50 = $341 increase)

2017 $1,487+$61 in 1 year

2018 $1,563+$76 in 1 year

From 2014-2018 (5 years total) there was a +$478 increase. With a range of $61-$170.50 range of INCREASE possible each year. If my grandchildren were to get this timeshare 20 years from now the maintenance could potentially cost them over $5,000 every year. $5,000 per year to pay our debt for an item they cannot use or book….as far as booking…. We could not book Wyoming (Jackson Hole); Grand Lake, Oklahoma; Hawaii and multiple other resorts! Of course, Bluegreen told us to upgrade and the extra points would change everything for us! The only thing it changed was the costs. More money, no more booking than before, it seems like less booking availability the more we bought (4/28/15 we purchased more points; an ‘upgrade’). We have lost over $33,000 already to Bluegreen and we have vacationed 20 nights. Since June of 2014 and after $33,000 we have only been able to book 8 times for a total of 20 nights. That is $1,650 PER NIGHT. This cost does not include travel expense, eating expenses, or anything other than a place to sleep. $1,650 per night for Branson, MO 5 times, Nashville, TN once and Las Vegas, NV once. In reality, the Vegas vacation was only because Bluegreen made certain we could get the booking (4/2015 upgrade purchase) but we had to attend a presentation (even as owners already), so I am not certain we should have to count those 5-nights since it was actually a sales presentation and we were bamboozled once again. Additionally, 2 nights were in Branson, MO, 6/2014 for the original purchase and presentation which is when we purchased the initial timeshare. If you consider that then for more than $33,000, we only had 13-nights we have been able to book. This is the only times we have been able to use this timeshare. As far as renting the timeshare out like they said we could….

We were emailed by Jerry Shaw of Corporate Event Solutions, he said they could rent the points for $9,000 but when we asked him to elaborate on who he was and his association with Bluegreen he stated that there are 3 parts to Bluegreen, RCI-Bluegreen-Corporate Events (who he works for).

As for them telling us we could sell….in 2016 we listed the timeshare on Pinnacle for sale for a year. We had to pay $39 per contract and we got no offers at all.

The original flyer from the initial purchase (I still have it) states any time, any place, any size and lists 7 benefits of my ownership. Number 5 states we can use it, rent it, gift it and will it. I think I have explained how this is not true! The maintenance fee is listed as $1,085. It says we have 15,000 points yearly. They told us they were part of Bass Pro. We did not have time to look the contract over and were not told what we were really signing, instead we were told something different and believed that was what we were signing. Rooms were not ready upon arrival, not even by 5:00pm. They continue to try to push us to attend more meetings and buy more and more. Presentations are supposedly only “90-minutes”, they were over 4 hours long. We were told we could sell it or rent it for extra income, untrue. Go on eBay, you cannot give them away! We were shown very nice, spacious, remarkable rooms as examples of what we ourselves could expect, not true, not available and not accessible. We could pass on vacations for a lifetime (without telling us the expense would accompany it). Put down payment on the 16.99% Barclay card and was told this would offset maintenance fees, not true. On and on.

Do you know what we received after emails, letters and verbal complaints? Rude customer service, no assistance, a refusal on the part of Bluegreen to discuss anything in writing. A refusal by Bluegreen to assist us ion any way or return our money so we stopped paying, and now they have foreclosed on us, ruining our credit. We are 60 and 62 years old and Bluegreen preyed upon us and ruined our credit. They have not offered any of the benefits they proclaimed, they have not made any efforts to offer customer service, they are keeping our money and we are strapped with ruined credit, a loss of over $33,000, stress among other issues thanks to Bluegreen.

We cannot get them to hear us, so we are going to continue to post our opinions, the facts, and the situation as it unfolds for all to see. We hope you read this BEFORE buying into the scam yourself. If you see Bluegreen run the other way. We got a $50 Bass Pro gift card and $150 of Big Cedar bucks; all we had to do to get it was sacrifice over 4 hours of our lives (presentation), spend $299 upfront, pay all travel and associated expenses, get ourselves into overwhelming credit card debt as well as other debt associated with Bluegreen AND lose $33,000 over a 4-year period!

Not much of an incentive really looking back. Don’t fall for $50 in the moment and lose over $33,000 in the near future!! It is not worth it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $33000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: No thanks.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Sales staff, Bothering me to up grade, Availability, Entire process, Whole experience-told us nothing but lies.

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