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1. When we originally planned to make our visit in the Smokey Mountains this past March (2012) to view the resort I was excited. "A 90 minute selling with a 12 month and 4 year old probably won't be bad" is what I thought. But when we got there at 8:30am and didn't leave till 1:00pm, I'll be candid, I was livid. The baby missed his nap and was hungry, so naturally he was throwing a fit and the lady was going on and on. There was never an opportunity to be polite and excuse our selves. I finally had enough and looked at my husband and said, "ok, I'm making an executive decision, we aren't doing this. Thank you for your time. Babe, lets go." She had the balls to ask for 10, TEN! referalls.

2. My husband received a Bluegreen credit card in the mail about 3 weeks after we got back. I asked him when did he apply for the new credit card. He told me never did. So, my question, did Bluegreen take the opportunity when they had his info and run his credit and open up a line without authorization?

3. My other issue with these SCAMMERS just came to light. I guess they partner with other companies, specifically Vacation Tour and Travel Agency (sounds phony doesn't it). When we originally got the call to see the resort we also got the opportunity to get a discounted 4 day cruise with Carnival Cruise line. Our cost was just $165.00. When we tried to book the cruise today for just a 3 day cruise during the off season, we were told that the total cost (out of pocket for my husband and I) was going to be $700.61! FOR THE EXACT SAME CRUISE THROUGH CARNIVAL I COULD BOOK IT FOR $590.40! What the heck! I paid these scammer $165.00 for nothing. This is completely dishonest. If we booked the cruise the woman on the phone wanted us to book, it would have been about $800.00 for the 4 day. We were straight-up lied to.

The only way I'd be happy is if I got our $165.00 back. And I know its a 3rd party we dealt with, but Bluegreen should care, it makes them look horrible. Till I get our hard earned money back, I'll be sharing my experience with them to anyone that will listen and filing a claim with the BBB.

By the way, they don't even show the actual resort even though its about a mile up the road. They just show you pictures. And no, they DO NOT put you up in the resort either.

My advise, stay away from these people and don't give them any money or info about you unless you are definitely sure you want a timeshare.

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There is someone filing a suit to get peoples money back, I guess winning. We are looking into it.


I am not getting into this whole HC vs UK thing, but I will say that I was told it would be a 90 minute presentation. We were there for 4 hours.

Yes, you can walk out and leave at any time, but they make you feel trapped because when you say no, they excuse themselves before you can walk out to talk to their manager. Then come back with a price that is less than the last offer. I am not into being rude so I allowed my time to be taken for nothing. I did not buy their product because I do not respond to high pressure sales tactics.

But it took 3 hours of "No, thank you" to finally get them to give up. And yes, they also asked me for referrals as well.


HC I keep telling you that you know nothing. Timeshare started in France, keep up with events please


Of course there are no BG resorts in France....the French are too sophisticated.


HC I knew you were thick and a sandwich short of a picnic but even you must know that Bluegreen is a US based vacation club and does not have any resorts in France

If you did know anything about Bluegreen then you would know why some owners are from the UK

Just to make it easy for you I will give you a little clue just look up the history of The Fountains

By the way done the south of France years ago


Yes UK...it's a long flight to the US....and with all the fabulous beaches in the south of France....why in the world would you what to vacation at The Fountains???? .... Or as we call it..."the redneck riviera".


almost just had a heart attack .... I see in the last post I called myself HC . By the way HC check out the map The UK and California are more than 6000 miles apart


They may well be but I know how to use the BG system ..... that is something you do not


UK... your spelling and grammar are atrocious.

Elise.....UK is a "cleaner."......

no one takes his remarks seriously.....he typically insults victims and/or anyone who attempts to help them. He and NO are more than likely the same person.


elise sorry but no is correct

and by the way why did you not just get up and walk away after 90 mins dont complai on here when you had the chance to get up and go

By the way you did not pay them for nothing YOU paid them to arrange a crusie for you the fact that they charged more was you problem you should have looked into it before you said yes.

By the way the BG credit card is operated by Barcleys not Bluegreen so at some point he must have signed

Just had our update at The Fountains $80 for 60 mins


The previous comment by NO must have been written by a Bluegreen person trying to make the original conplainer look like telling lies. From my own experience, I believe the original complainer.


I don't think you went to the right place. Or you knowingly signed up for something and were too chickensh1t to back out.

I went to BlueGreen resorts in vegas.

They gave us a free weekend in a condo, a tour of the grounds, and a 45 minute presentation (while we ate breakfast for free) so I'm not sure why you are complaining. I think you have the wrong company.

And in your second paragraph we can clearly see that you blame them for something they did not even do, so any credibility you might have gleaned from your idiotic story was lost forever.

The only other explanation is that you attended an "optional" presentation and didn't realize that you could leave at any time, even thought it clearly says on all the documents that you can. ***.