Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I have 9000 points every two years. I still have 2440 I for the first year. I am told they will expire if I do not use them. I could not even trade them for one of their annul ( annual) fees.

I am told for $35.00 on line I can save them. I am told that they are only good for Restricted Use. I can not get anyone to show me what Restricted Use was in 2008 when we bought in.

Is it time that together we sue for our deeded rights? Blue Green now set aside accommodations for their new partners owners that we have to pay extra for or not even get. We paid for a vacation, why do they keep rooms vacant for others when we paid to use them?

I was asked what my advice would be to anyone a interested in becoming an Owner. I said "Walk away "

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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I just deadly with the same thing today. These people have done nothing but make me I'll since the day we bought this *** thing. :(


They should have explained to you the trick on saving points, and no way does trading the points for maint fees work. They always lie about that.

You can use these lies and misrepresentations to get out of you contract and money back.

Visit my site at www.timesharetricks.blogpot.com or email me at notimeshare@gmail.com. I have helped get people out without taking advantage of you.