Marlton, New Jersey
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First of all, we were promised that the tour would only be 90-120 mintues when they kept us there for three hours!

Secondly, they began their presentation by saying that "if you like what you see and it is affordable, then we would be happy to have you join our family, if it is not something you would use or that is affordable, then we will part as friends with a shake of hands" which we later found out was not true.

I have various medical problems that have kept us from vacationing in the past, which ofcourse was a question they asked.

Later in the presentation we were tag teamed by another sales rep. who laid out the financial aspect of BlueGreen. After their spiel, my husband and I asked for some time alone to discuss. We are currently saving up for IVF/adoption costs, which is where all of our spare money is currently going.

When they came back to ask for our decision, we declined, explaining that we were saving for adoption and really didn't have the extra money at the time. They asked if we were going to stop vacationing just to save up money for the adoption.

They then offered us three other options, but we continued to decline. After they realized we were not going to change our minds, they obviously treated us differently.

They continued to ask us throughout the presentation if we would refer anyone to them. We told them no!

I would never recommend or refer anyone to this place.

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We are already owners have been for 13 years. Each resort we go to, they try to get us to attend an 'owner update'.

the owner update is an attempt to upsell us additional points (not to share resort updates). So, if the enticement is right (free movie tickets, money, restaurant certificates or free theme park tickets), my husband and I will give them 90 minutes of our time. We advise the sales person that we are only giving him 90 minutes and we will leave in 90 minutes. they don't believe us.

at the 90 minute mark we ask for our freebies and leave. don't give into the pressue.

they are there to pressure you into buying! if you're not interested in buying...don't.


We had a very similar experience. I was disgusted by the tactics used during the presentation and the offensive nature of their comments when we decided we were not interested. I believe this is a scary company!


Bluegreen's sales methods are unnecessarily high-pressure and their customer service at some of their properties is well below standards. Buyer beware of this bad apple.

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