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I would like to respond to the last statement.

and that gentleman feel not right even calling him that.s plain nasty, he really needs to look into how he got that and it sure wasn't sleeping in that bed over night. Maybe he should check the last nasty person he slept with. Yucky.

As for bluegreen i have visitied many of there resorts and i tell you something, i don't like to sleep in any bed but my own. They are very clean,very friendly, and always upgrading. As for paying maintenance on line, bluegreen is not in control of anyones internet connection or the person who is trying to use it and there nolage of how to use it. People have to learn before they sign any paper of what they are buying into may be that is why i have never been disappointed as you don't have to earn a magor for that. common sence. so to anyone that complains in life, take a step back and ask yourself one thing. Can i afford to take on this extra way of life.

Thank you and being positive gives you a much better view of life, don't try to be some one you aren't.

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until I saw the bank draft that said $8966, I be certain ...that...my father in law woz like they say truley bringing in money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there neighbour has done this less than seventeen months and resently paid the dept on there mini mansion and bought a gorgeous Porsche 911. I went here,...JUMP85.COM


I'm very happy for you since you seem to really like Bluegreen Resorts and the vacation choices. Would you like to purchase my totally worthless sampler? I'll make you a great deal!!!


short hand is great for those who know how to read and write it; however, to Wrinkle2: it's believe, not beleave. Don't correct someone's spelling if you can't spell.


Knowledge was spelt as nolage for short hand but sorry you are not smarter than a 5th grader to know that lmao...


If you only knew how to spell someone would beleave in what you said


WTF is nolage


I found this website by accident, but since I was here I figured I'd check it out. You people don't have lives and should find a way to use spellcheck.

Although you made a good point stop trying to use words you don't know how to spell. :( :sigh :x :eek :cry

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