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Are you kidding me this new resort in Vegas sucks.The shuttle stops at 8 pm and only runs every few hr's they only have 2 rooms that are nice it was going to cost me a weeks worth of points for 2 days? come that is just crazy.As a owner for 7 years I was expecting something better we are now trying to sell it due to the very bad customer service it just seems to us all they want is our money and they do not seem to care about us.Sadly to we really liked Bluegreen and we use our points whenever we can we even gave them to family member's to use and they always liked going.And this place is on a empty feild at the end of a runway so we got to listen to planes all night long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

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I see you made a complaint ROFL , well Iwe have been to Club 36 a couple of times and yes you are right the shuttle (free well not free is paid by all owners ie comes out of MF) does stop at 8pm, why this should be a problem you can either rent a car walk or use a taxi .... non are a deal breaker are they.

Please clarify why they only have 2 Rooms that are nice. the rooms are the same through out the resort and are made up of a 1 bed stand or a 1 bed deluxe joined together to give a 2 bed unit + 2 pres suites (granted there are the odd room without a view but that you can see on the resort map online.

why would it cost you a weeks points for 2 nights when at the moment it is on a BOGO deal ie book 2 nights get 2 nights free the terms and conditions of the deal are clearly stated onlone

you say it is an empty field at the end of the runway ..... come on you can not blaim BG for nobody building on the lots either side ..... that is down to the state the US and the rest of the world is in at the moment

you say I talk a load of *** well I have to say you have just taken the biscuit on that one lol

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