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Hello all! This will be a long review but so worth it to read it especially for those staying as part of a package deal with presentations.

I had previously bought a vacation package from a company that's was so terrible I had to leave my hotel in the middle of the night because of an infestation of bugs, yet when I arrived at Bass Pro Shops a man selling these vacations packages from Bluegreen Vacations urged me to try their company..and although I was hesitant, he assured me that they only choose hotels with 3 bubbles or more on tripadvisor and that their company has been partnered with Bass Pro Shops for many years. So I paid $200 for a vacation 4 days in Orlando and a gift of a Carnival Cruise would be given after we attend the presentation in Orlando. They at first scheduled me for an English presentation on the Saturday after I arrived and later learned that my husband doesn't speak English fluently and prefers to speak Spanish. Therefore, they changed my presentation to a Spanish one.

Then we decided to call and change the presentation to Sunday as we wanted to go to Volcano Bay on Saturday very early, so the lady I spoke with at the Welcome Center said she could change the date. When we went to the Welcome center on Sunday we arrived at the time they told us to : 8:45 am. We remembered the sales person had told us they have breakfast available for all that attend, but when we arrived all they had was water, milk, coffee and about 10 mini donuts which does not constitute breakfast (this would not have been a big deal if everything else would have gone as it was supposed to). When a representative came to us to begin the presentation he was very nice but only spoke English, so he said he would get us a representative that speaks English and Spanish to better assist us.

He tried to get someone to come and help us, and what I assume to be a supervisor (tall-ish, older gentleman) was very rude to the representative and told him basically to remove himself from that area and go somewhere else while he told us specifically where to stand as if he was upset with people he didn't even know. This was already starting off on a bad foot! So we waited until a girl, who I assume was a receptionist or assistant of some kind explained to us that the Spanish presentation started at 8:30 AM and that since we arrived late she could not get us a Spanish representative so we would have to reschedule. I said ok when is the next class?

She said it would be for tomorrow, Monday and I explained that we would be returning home Sunday night or very early Monday morning (like 4AM) because we have our jobs to get back to and there was ko way ti stay even if we wanted to. The lady was polite however she had no other Spanish sessions! Only one compared to all the English ones they had for the rest of the day. The funny part is that I was not the only one with this issue, there were other people atleast 3 or 4 couples that were there speaking Spanish and stating that they just wanted to do the presentation unfortunately the customer service gave them the wrong one.

Things like this happen when customer service agents do not ask the right questions, they only want to sell you things every time you get on the phone. The lady at the Welcome Center gave us the customer service phone number and said we would have to call and fix the issue with the reps on the phone as they only check people in at the welcome center. I understood although I waa upset at their huge mistake and unwillingness to let us attend a presentation that only had begun 15 minutes before we arrived (when clearly it was their mistake from the beginning, because I would have been there at 8:15 if they had told me to!). So at around 1pm I called the customer service line and spoke to the lady on the phone and told her that when I arrived to the presentation that I was scheduled I had an issue, and I explained to her the whole story.

She told me she looked in her notes and said that since I had changed the presentation date, the lady that rescheduled me for Sunday apparently made a mistake and put me for the English one instead of Spanish. She then told me I would have to pay the regulate rate for the hotel ($180 extra, apart from the $200 I had already paid So paying $380 for just the hotel which I couldve gotten cheaper on expedia) and that I would not receive the gift of the Carnival Cruise or the Bass Pro shop gift card offered to me when I first paid. I was shocked because I had done my part and arrived when I was told to arrive. When I told the rep I couldve reserved the hotel for way less than that if i had known this would happen, she proceeded to contact the hotel to ask them for their rate to prove me wrong (how rude especially since i am right there are websites that offer discounts) I told the representative that I understand human error but it was not my mistake and I also did not understand why they only had one Spanish presentation in the whole day when there were more Spanish workers available there outside just hanging out.

So, I did not want to be responsible for the charges as it was not my error and I followed their directions exactly. She then said that thhe Welcome Center had offered me another presentation "which is never done" and I refused (she said this in a matter of fact tone, insinuating that I was to blame) and I explained that my husband and I have jobs to get back to and that we could not accommodate ourselves to their time because of a mistake on their part. She kept insisting that they have me a choice and that any customer of Bluegreen must be available for the presentation. I explained that I was available for the presentation on the date and time they had me scheduled for and that I arrived early but I am not available on Monday and even if I was it would be a 4 hour drive from my house.

So I told her to get me to a manager, who told me the same, and I explained that I waa mot paying for a few because of a mistake on their part and she kept insisting and I told her I would dispute, write reviews about the situation, and would let people know not to use Bluegreen Vacations. Maybe some part of that made her waive my "fees" after a little over an hour of trying to make them understand. However since it had already been so long for them to try to get money out of me I was already paat upset because the from the salesperson at Bass pro to the hotel Hilton Inn was great and I really thought I found a great company to vacation with and view properties with, only to find they want to take your money when they make a mistake. I am always more than generous to write great reviews when it is relevant and I avoid writing bad if someone has a bad day in customer service, however this experience impressed me and not in a good way.

The reps have to think about return customers, how can we fix our wrongs, etc. Because we wanted to take all the trips we would with them and view as much properties as we could and it would have benefited them. I don't know anything about this specific resort inside the rooms, but the Welcome Center was ok, nothing luxury just average.

My issue was semi-resolved since they said they would waive my "fees" but I still did not receive the gift I was expecting to receive just because they made an error. Terrible customer service and the only reason why they even waived it for me was probably because their call *** was full of people calling to complain!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: Sales staff, Options initally.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Employees make excuses, Booking policies.

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Most educated consumers who have the time and use there timeshare are more than happy with the value of an inflation proof vacation. My sister who is a teacher and has the time 2 vacation, has been an OWNER for 17 years.

She would tell you her & her family would not have taken half the vacations they did without it. I personally at 57 have never went on a timeshare or any sales presentation unless I was looking to buy. If i want to buy something, I know how. I wouldn’t need a presentation.

People look to discount a vacation by wasting their time and patience sitting through a presentation that they probably have no intention of buying are looking for something for nothing or discounted. Word to the wise: YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY 4!! Especially in this day and age. Why would they give you a free cruise or a gift card when clearly you did not sit through the presentation?

Thats what you signed for. Presta atencio’n por favor


You're right - that's a long review ; too long, I won't read it all. I would have walked away at the first glance of the paper in the photo where it states that "required to attend" and to bring your "credit card".

Nobody can require me to do anything ; I'm too old to draft into the Army. You can't "require" my presence anywhere except possibly through a court issued subpoena to appear to testify.

They recently tried to "require" me for jury duty but a terse summation from my physician shot that down. You don't have to physically be anywhere you don't want to so never, ever, get involved with charlatans like this again.


you are rude. You must be an employee.

When they call and get your money it isn't told that it is a time share.

The person who scammed my husband just acted like it was a deal. not a mention of time share, This place is obviously a scam.

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