Dayton, Ohio
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I was scammed, lied too, and emotional manipulated. Every time I try to use it I can't because...It's either not theirs and I have to pay more.....I don't have enough points so they try to involve me in the bronze program....or it's not available. The woman who sold it to us cried because her husband was dieing of cancer during their last trip, pulls out her "vacation" book with her and her husband. We refused to purchase and along came 4 more individuals and asked more questions only to figure out that we were newlyweds & retired military. We were told we could refinance for a lower rate, sell our points...well you know how it all goes. Couldn't refinance it because IT'S NOT OURS TO REFINANCE"! There's a surprise. Can't sell our points because...THEY NO LONGER PROVIDE THAT SERVICE.. Surprise #2. Really. How do they get away with this. If there are so many unhappy "Billions" of customers, then why aren't they shut down and held accountable. Then when they are busted they just rename themselves. a.k.a. etc

Look what Tom Corbet of PA did. Tom Corbett, The AG of PA, now Governor of PA took Blue Green to court and won. His voters got out of there contracts with money in hand. Why can't anyone else do that!!!!

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I want to get out i've been using it and had good times but i just dont want it anymore. Mine is 7000 points stil owe $7800 monthly is 160 well rewarded but dont want it no more so if you want it contact me


visit you may be able to recover your money


barb b

Join the bluegreen group on yahoo and you will soon learn how to get the most out of your ownership


I bought bluegreen timeshare in 2010 & they were very kind & explained things. Yet to me it's still overwhelming how it works.

I have not used it yet.

We would like to either use it or be assured we won't lose anything if we don't use it. At the risk of being silly-How do I start?


hatty you are 100% correct


I could tell you bluegreen is thriving ...I'm so happy they keep expanding I'm able to get what I paid for and my whole family as see the thing about it is you must read before you sign....laziness doesn't get a good result sorry


I This Reliability is 100% sure, Someone trying to manipulate on blue green resorts


maybe there are billions of people who can use it