Green Bay, Wisconsin

I was just on the ohne with a sales solicitation for G?B Resorts. Offered a gift valued at $3200.00 and included 4 airline tickets and all I had to pay was the lodging for the resort.

I just priced out airline tickets to Las Vegas, Florida and CA. and I can get to any of these destinations for $200.00 / ticket and yes roundtrip and to England, Paris and other European cities for $700 per ticket. My sales person pointed out $2800 was close to the $3200 value and it would be only by lodging resort fees I would pay.

When I said but why would I think the value up to $3200 is such a deal if I can get them for $4000 less, I was not interested and thankyou but I am not interested, he thought I hung up, but hadn't and he said", Oh, this retard, I can't take this".

This "retard" is not willing to think $2800 is equal to the $3200 value they are "giving" away.

Most of all I don't think I want to do business with people who call me a retard for asking a question or question?

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Maxie, Virginia, United States #21684

I really cannot follow anything this person is saying. I am especially confused about his/her comment that they can get a $3200 trip for $4000 less. I like that math--you obviously have found a way to get paid to go on vacation.

Saint Henry, Ohio, United States #16810

the way you type makes me think you are a retard man.. :?

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