Waynesboro, Virginia

I don't know how Bluegreen could have sold you property in Kentucky when they don't own any there.

I don't know how many points you own, I don't believe it could be very many if your payment is only $164.00 per month. Bluegreen's maintenance fees are as follows,$310.00+ 0.0371 for maintenance & 0.0068 for real estate taxes .I own 23,000 anual points & my fees are 1,100.

I don't know how they could be charging you over $3,000. I have been a owner for 10 years & I have never heard of or been charged a lock out fee. I do not believe you bought from the same bluegreen company that I did.You can book 11 mo. in advance,

if you wait till last min.

you usually can't get what you want, I book right at 11 mo.

& get what I want.

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While we are happy with the Blue Green points we own, we have not had issues booking time. The only issue we have is with the sales teams during "upgrade meetings".

These folks are rude and will lie to get more out $$$ out of you. I'm not interested doesn't mean NO to the salesman.

It only means call in the closer to talk to you like you are ***. If this continues, we're out!!


We have been blue green customer's for 5 yrs. We don't have a lot of points but through bonus time and our points we have always gotten the vacation we wanted.

Our kids love it and our maintence fee's we don't mind paying because the resorts are so well maintained and beautifully appointed. :)


well said Pleased Owner


well said Pleased Owner



Could Bluegreen sue all you people who write and speak lies about the BGVC?

Is it not libe and slander, maybe hubby could make a killing out of it?

Just a thought in these hard days.



The ATTORNEY GENERAL IN PA. Has Filed Suit Against This Co.

For Violating MANY Consumer Laws. Please go to the following website immediately and let your voice be heard.