Burnsville, Minnesota
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I am trying to sell my Bluegreen product. I guess I would agree with everything negative I have read. I was *** to buy in but they are guilty of taking advantage of people.

Nothing lives up to what they say.

I see some want to buy bluegreen... let me know.

We have tried to book vacations and can not get anything good. I waste more money and time on this than what it would cost to book a great vacation on my own. I thought that was the plan. Bluegreen makes it easy for you to vacation. What a bunch of ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I am back darlings and sorry about the spelling (you know what is like after a few)

yet again we see someone who can never get a booking well what a load of piggy *** if all you darling owners can not get a reservation then you must not know how to use your ownership.

Of course it lives up to what it says that is why there are so many happy and smileing owners at the resorts, the sore faced ones are left at home lol

the only *** darling is that you have posted on here