Orlando, Florida
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They began by giving us coffee and donuts. Said our gift of $80 was waiting for us after our so called update. He began by telling us about the new benefits they now offer (after I spent $13,000 for my now old benefits). It sounded great and I told them I was definitely interested if they would give me two days to review while I am still at the resort. They said' "sorry, but you have to sign now or you will lose the offer". I'm completely confused by this. By the way, the guy's name is Chris who is a manager of sales here. They were pushy and even though he stated 3 times he didn't get a commission on this, I felt he was being untruthful.

We walked away (I don't sign anything without thinking on it first as it is a big purchase). I was told by the salesman there that there is a lawsuit going on and the they will get their benefits free.

I like the enviroment but the staff are not so great. Everything cost double (I.e. games, beer, or anything they can charge on). We were just asked to leave the pool area because my dad likes a certain beer they don't have so we brought our own.

I'm just glad we didn't purchase further into this resort. But that's me.

Take time to review and don't make quick choices as I did before. Don't be scared to take time to review. They need you to sign then to lock you in or you will learn the total truth.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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We love our Bluegreen and hope you enjoy the points you do have. Kudos to you for not doing something that made you uncomfortable. We've followed our instincts in the past too....


I feel your pain......