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We've been with Bluegreen almost 5 years. At the start, the maintenance fees were $550.00 & dues were $115.00 for a total of $665, which was a good deal at that time. I'm now at $975/year, which is what I paid for a week in Hawaii at a golf course. When I complained, they told me if I didn't pay they would hurt my credit & take action. I paid my mortgage up front $16,000 for 10,000 points. A nonmember can stay at the Fountains for a whole week for less than $975. 10,000 points won't get close to a week at the same resort during the same period. As a result of the economy Bluegreen lost many members & expanded the company. These cost hikes are a direct result of BAD MANAGEMENT and GREED. Yes Bluegreen, I called customer service first. They have priced themselves out of the market. I am considering walking away. Go to Ebay and you can bypass the $16,000 and just take over someone else's membership. I got royally ripped off.

Randy Hart.

You know my number. What are you people going to do?

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I am/was a Bluegreen owner. In the last 3 years they have suckered me into buying 7000 points at a cost of $14,000, of which I still owe $10,000.

Just 2 days ago I went to a presentation with no intention of getting out of my contract. Well, guess what, I am now going through the process terminating my contract. I and my parents were at this 45 minute presentation for 4 hours. I couldn't get myself to believe that what they were telling me was true.

OMG!!! They were right. It is now 2 days since going to the presentation and I have done my research. Went on eBay, they were right, hundreds of timeshares that cannot be given away.

I just booked a 5 day/4 night stay at Mountain Loft in Gatlinburg, TN for $399 in a 2 bdrm with a loft, sleeps 8 people. That's $50/person, plus I get a $75 gift card for what I'm sure will be a less than 30 minute "tour". The only thing that I can be happy for is the company that finally was honest with me and is now getting me out of this contract that would have been the responsibility of someone in my family with that damn perpetual agreement that you all have signed. The very best thing is knowing in 5 yrs or less this nightmare of never ending nightmare will be over.

FYI...Bluegreen and many, many other timeshare companies are open to the public.

Anyone can get in. It's not all about the member anymore.


first off verydisappointed I do not work for BG and yes I am just one of those happy owners.

It is true you can get good deals but if you need to go at certain times then those deals are not there it is the old case of supply and demand, when we need to travel they are sky high.

We have a summer reservation for next year 14 nights at The Soundings I used 30000 points but to be able to book on one of these discount sites (and only 1 midweek night was available ) it was £250 per night just for a std 1 bed. Which is way way above the cost of the MF for my 30000 it is the same for New york (we shall tag some days on beforehand ) it still works out cheaper for us.

Jeff as I mentioned in your other post the fees have to be covered by the BGVC which means all owners and that does include BG the developer (for there unsold inventory) have to cover those cost. It is not BG you should be angry at but those owners who will not pay.

We as owners do not only lose out on the MF but it also cost all owners to send in the collection agents, these owners think they are getting one over on BG corp but all they are doing is hurting the likes of us


As I remember the sales presentation, the sales person bashed rising costs at other resorts and claimed BG would hold thir costs down..........yet another BG lie.


Sorry Jeff Blue Greens pricing is out of control. I hate to here other people are going through what I went through.

You are money ahead if you can just give it away. In my case nobody would take it for free. I had it on the market for several months with a time share selling company and not one offer. So I paid a company $3500 to take it.

They gave me a credit since I already paid my maintenance fees. So Bottom line I paid less than $3000 to unload my time share. Blue Green resorts are very nice and their staff is great, but you can stay at the same resort for less than your combined fees. There are all kinds of web sites you can go threw to use time share resorts including blue Green and shell Vacations for much less than you’re yearly cost.

I stayed at the big island of Hawaii at a shell resort on a golf course 3 bedroom 2 baths Managed by Blue Green. for a week I only paid $1000 even. Guess what no membership needed. You won’t get that for your 1600 points.

I rented a house in Florida outside of Orlando a 3 bedroom 3 baths screened in pool and hot tub in a gated community for a week less than $700. I hate to say it but your 16000 points won’t get you that either. Jeff I wish you the best of luck. I wish I had better news.

P.S. when you see people bash my post I can assure you they work for Blue Green or their really ***.

Blue Green resorts use internet companies to protect their image on line so don’t be fooled.

Randy Hart


today recd maint fee bil up again $1258 for 16000 points read letter that came with it and it said "an increase in maintenance fees is necessary to offset owner delinquencies" WTF if my neighbor goes into forclosure they do not sent the rest in our development a bill so how can they...calling bbb and atty gen.......btw when i calle no one at bg knows why or whwer written i asked for clarification.


I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares. The site can be viewed at

We dont sell timeshares, you wont or get any money for them. We just relieve you of all future financial obligation.

We have been in business giving timeshare owners some relief from the trap that they get themselves caught in. Our office number is 417-334-0892 if you have any questions.


You are now in denieal Shell Vacations owend and operated by Bluegreen. Please read the full desclosure stament.

I do apreciate your coments. Bluegreen now Specializes in new small couminnity Developments. Were did the new money come from. Please read the full finacial report.

BG has never lowered there fee's. you must be working for them or you wouldnt hide your name. just keeping useing mine. I can suport my facts.

You cant give one. mine are on line. yours is just weak words. My god man it's legaly free info.

YOU ARE IN DENIAL. buy mor points.


sorry about using you name

Shell does not belong to Bluegreen and I have bought 21000 points recently off ebay and I know a lot of owners who are after more points.

They still ripped you off no matter how you try to hide it and you well know it

everyone knows that the price of timeshares hit the floor once you have paid the developer but then again most people look at it as an investment in vacation time and memories not in $$$

I beg to differ about the price you can stay at say The Fountains since I have checked on etc and found it to be at least $600 more than the MF for 16000 points

Ask yourself the same question when the markets bounce back as we all know they will and if the do not then the whole world is up the creak without a paddle and that will be the last thing on your mind, but untill then I shall still enjoy my timeshare knowing full well that I have already had more than my monies worth out of it.

Just a little point to ponder on the interest rates might be high but the investor is willing to put his money where is mouth is and must feel that he is going to get a good return from it . In other words you do not lend money to a company that is going down the pan.

I am sorry to tell you again you thought you had been taken for a ride by Bluegreen but that has been outshone by the people who took $4000 of you to get rid of it.

happy vactions and many of them


Response to the guy who used my screen name below: Go to ebay. There are thousands offering to give their Bluegreen vacations for life away for free.

Just take it over. That's $5,000 to $30,000 off the retail price, depending on how many points you want. Guess takers. So if you think paying a time share resale company $3,500 to take it of my hand is foolish, that's your choice.

Check it out for yourself. You can stay at any Bluegreen resort for less than my $900 a year in maintenance fees ($770) and dues ($129)for a full week. And if you look closer you will see Bluegreen had problems as soon as they got bound at the waist when the absorbed Shell Vacations just before the market crashed. Yes I can read a basic financial report.

You are not looking at the full report. Take a look at their new high interest line of credit they took out to stay afloat.

Oh you didn't. Like how you used my screen name instead of yours.


Somebody saw you coming lol

It cost YOU $3500 to get sombody to take it of your hands .

you are either one big fat lier or a 100% of a fool

If you had given it away and paid all the closing costs it would have only cost around $450

a mug born every minuite


Update. I just sold my time share.

I paid a company $3500.00 to take it off my hands. I will get that money back in 4 years by not making any more payments to blue green. Another $20,000 down the drain. I checked out blue greens financials.

There losing millions and were put on a do not buy list. Check out their stock ticker. They lost $16,700,000 in 2010 3d quarter. And lost another $27,700,000 in the Q4 of 2010.

Listen people that’s $44,400,000 in 6 months. Ever since John M. Maloney Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Bluegreen took over the stocks and profit of the company has plummeted. This man has no shame as he is fattening his wallet at our expense (now yours).

This just isn’t the result of the economy as you check it out. He was destroying the Bluegreens name before the market drop.

Good luck to the rest of you. I’m out of here


i am not sure how you are figuring your maintenance fees? 10,000 ponints has an annual maintenance fee of $770.

it doesnt matter where the ownership is deeded. take another look at your bill and make sure.


As a former employee I have to tell you that they didn't tell anyone about the increase until it was already decided. They tried to tell us what to say to the owners to justify it but nothing justifies that price hike at all.

They are losing just as many employees as owners. That's why your hold time is so long now. It used to be over 100 customer service reps now it's under 80. Please don't think the extra money is going to the workers either.

I was there over 3 years and only got 2 raises. They also went up on the Bonus time rates too. Studios used to be $49 now they are $59 if you book online and $69 if you book on the phone. The company is just money hungry.

DO NOT UPGRADE whatever you do. That just raises your maintenance fees even more


Iagree also. although I somehow make my 10 k work, I just pd 700.

In December and they will hit me for another 500.00 in MAY!. I don't know what to do about it!


I know what you are going through!!! I have 10,000 points that are becoming worthless and maintenance fees are skyrocketing. My next step is to try to give it away on Ebay!!