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You know the saying one something is to good to be true it probably is? This is it!

They had called me this Monday to book a vacation with them. They told me they had dates open that I was looking for but to call back as soon as I had dates for sure. I call back the very next day to find out that they totally screwed up on my package. I was suppose to be upgraded to a log cabin at Christmas Mountain for a ski trip getaway with my family and it was suppose to be for 2 nights and 3 days.

Come to find out it was for 4 nights and 5 days. Great right!!! No, because there is no open days for the weekend only during the week...Not what I had wanted.. The guy totally lied to make me book this vacation.

(Frank) Then I call and tell a lady (Lisa) about the screw up and she tells me that if it were suppose to be for the 2 night 3 day she could see where the guy might have had those days open so she would look into getting me the days I wanted and would call me back. This is Tuesday, it is now Friday, so I call back again and they transfer me to customer service (Dominic) who is no help also. I tell them if they cant find the dates available I would just prefer to get a refund. The lady( a different one at this time because I was cut off on the last call) tells me that I have to WRITE a *** letter to someone in Florida who will contact me ( and probably try to make it right again, who won't) and I will probably have to jump through another hoop to get my money back if even possible, the way this is going.

It isn't even a week since I had booked this. So now I have to waste time to write a letter to get a refund. Very, Very disappointed with this company. This is why I usually hang up on these people because it is always a scam and I should have known better.

I will next time!

Don't book a vacation with these people...They lie to get your money and make promises they can't keep and then when you just want a refund because you are very unsatisfied you have to jump threw hoops. They can take your money over the phone but wont give it back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $399.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I bought a package for my teenage son, and I to go to St. Petersburg Florida.....What a pain in the *** this has been. What was essentially a FREE vacation, that I bought at Bass Pro Shops, In East Peoria, ILL, has turned into a nightmare, and we do not even travel until July. I knew I would have aifar, ground expenses, and taxis etc.

I am on the phone with them near daily. The right hand sure as *** does not know what the left is doing. Now I find out that I have to check in at their visitor center, the day of arrival, so they can see me physically???? Then give me my Resort Voucher??? Mail me the *** thing....I have already given them 200. dollars, if I do not show up at the resort for my vacation,they will have to charge me 100 dollars.....So take it out of my money I have already given them. They have my credit card number, and a signed contract which allows the to bill my card if I do not show up.....

So I will spend two of my days jacking around with some *** that wants to sell me a time share with their wonderful company??? I assure you I will be wearing my earbuds waiting to get the *** out of there, and to the beach.

My next thing to do is contact Bass Pro Shop, and explain to them how happy I am with them for allowing these idiots to set up shop in their store.

Cabellos is looking more inviting all the time.

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