Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Win:Bluegreen Corporation timeshare, Great Falls, Branson ,Mo. we drove from Al.

to Mo. for our scheduled wk. and our condo had opeople in it the next disaster was to the Carolina Grande in Myrtle Beach, tried to get adjoining apts. said none adjoined ,they did ,no smoking in, people did, elavator not working Hotel not finished ,3 stories to our floor,parking separate.

So we tried to sell it thru Bluegreen 1 year Sons researched was not in their condo sales portfolio.2008,decided to quitclaim timeshare back to them.Instructions: quitclaim deed notarized, timeshare back to Company be sure you mail to corporate office Bluegreen Corp is in Florida mail by registered return,give 30 days notice,pay to deadline.notify all by call and letter of your intent,your state and state of timeshare Attorney Generals Offices,Chamber of Commerces.Class action suits against timeshare companies have been won in Pennsylvania, Missouri and by individuals,I did.Be prepared to fight to save your credit,I was 71 yrs. old and female.

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it's pretty simple ......that is what I have been telling these people for a long time


don't go on a timeshare presentation, people go to get free stuff because people are naturally greedy. When the local Chevy dealer offers free hot dogs and chips, do you run over there with no intention of buying - no. So unless you travel alot, don't go.


Pay no attention to the "cleaners". Simply contact your Attorney General and your local Bass Pro.

I am joining a local group of people who are going to warn Bass Pro customers before they go into the store. They are helping many people to avoid this scam by simply asking them to do their research first. The "cleaners" are easy to spot on here and other sites...their time is wasted.

It is simply the way they make their dishonest living. They are worse than the BG leeches in Bass Pro.


how I wish I was a lawyer ...... I would love to help you ..... by taking all your money of you .

sorry may be I should not of said that ..... could you sue me for telling the truth lol

the only winners will be the lawyers


Please contact me at

I am currenty trying to get enough people who are fed up with the lies and shady sales tactics and want to do something about it.


what a pity Tony you missed out on a good deal an investment in vacations not a $$ investment

You would have had many many years of cheaper vactions but sadly you let it slip between your fingers.


took family to disney world we had an appointment to see there time share didnt want to but it was part of the deal. of course they made it sound good on how cheap it was.

all the sales sharks where so nice and friendly, thank god i didnt have all the money for down paymentbut he strongly urged me to pay full amount asap so only left 300. when I me and my family was walking out one of the sales rep. was giving me an evil look like I discused him.After he had spoked to us like he was nthe coolest person on earth. so when Igot home to Houston I thought twice did the math and it would be like an other car payment.

I no I was given a time limit to back out so I did they said they would refund my 300 dollars. that was 2007 they never sent it its 2011 now.

Ilook at it like a 300 dollar lesson instead of 24,000 ha ha they almost got me. REMEMBER IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD IT ISNT