Decatur, Illinois
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we have spent all we had on this timeshare,trusted the 'christian "sales person who tricked us into buying more points so he and his partener could rent them out to cover our maintenance fees. caused us to lose the whole investment,repossessed timeshare,lost over $18,000 no more vacations for us or our children as promised.

lies lies lies offered us less than $2000 to shut us up.

filed consumer complaints with attorney general of both florida and missouri.many florida complaints were given refunds because of all the attention, don't give up,its not over!!! file your consumer complaints just because they are a big corporation doesn't mean we don't have rights.

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Pleae add ti the class action that you all ticked the little boxes saying you all understood what you were buying before you signed the main contract




How many companies do you know who will buy back something after thay have sold it to you and you have got fed up with it after using it?

You can get a trade in if you buy more points in the same way as a car dealer does Ford buy the car back from you when you get fed up with it.

Bluegreen does have the right of first refusal (it is in the contract you signed) and if the were to use that right then it could well mean that you would not be able to sell or give to anyone else.

worth bearing that in mind dont you think


If bluegreen is so great and they are an upstanding company why will they not buy back the properties? That in its self proves tht they do not believe in their own product.


Please give a more detailed account of your experience. I am having a hard time following what happened to lead to your time share being repossessed.

While Blue Green is careful to not make blatant lies they certainly present the material in a way to hide as much of the truth as possible. They are better them most politicians. Then they can put people in to comment on other peoples misfortunes and say “All the information is available, it your job to find and understand all the legalese that we use to confuse you. Where would get the idea that we should be completely honest on how things really work.

My commission is based on selling a product that it not as good as I say. That’s why we spend so much money on getting iron clad contracts, five days and its money in the bank.”


why bring God into it !!!

Why did you buy in the first place if you were going to rent it out to cover your fees .... seems pointless to me lol

If you already had some points you must have known that Bluegreen hasnot had a rental programe for a number of years , all that information is very clear on the owners website so why do people never read it

Why file a consumer complaint when you the consumer did not take the time to read the information that is freely available.

I ask you if the salesperson had said jump from a plane at 35000 ft up and you will bounce twice when you land would you have done it ?

A timeshare is for vactions and vactions and vactions