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When you get into to the Bluegreen timeshare, they make you feel it is the greatest investment in the world. You can't check in until 4pm at most resorts.

You must check out at 10am.. Come on, for what we pay, how about an hour earlier check in and an hour later check out. And if it is such a good deal, why are you given so many different stories about selling if you decide you want to get out. First we were told of course we could sell, then we were told with the program we had, we could never sell, and now, if we buy more points, we can sell.

WHAT IS THE TRUTH AND WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET IT? We were told we would have a much better chance of getting the vacation times we wanted if we upgraded. Not so, still cannot get any decent times.l Were told we would have an individual to help us get those times easier. He is NEVER available.

You would just think anything John Morris of Bass Pro endorses, it would be an upstanding company. Think AGAIN.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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I feel the same way. We were told that points roll over every year, when in fact they only roll over one year and then expire.

They said you could save them up to take a dream vacation, all lies. Also, they said they would buy it back if we were not totally satisfied, another lie. I don't know how they keep getting away with this, but we should all band together and file a class action suit against Bluegreen.

The salesmen say whatever they think will make a sale, truth or not. DON'T BUY BLUEGREEN..ITS A SCAM.....