Pinellas Park, Florida
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I was Issued a reward card through blue green, when used it to purchase the second time it said declined the credit was gone .IT states in receipt Do not honor..they have a gimmick no number in the back so you can't i called blue green still waiting. Enclosed you ill find 3 receipts with purchases and balances.i own one car a 2012 avalon i top it with $45.01 leaving a balance of $79.99 I used it again on the 27 of aug for $39.99 i notice the pump stop at $39.99 so I went to KFC to get food it stated Do not honor Declined so what happen to the $40.00 an even number.

This people have a corrupt way of selling vacations shares etc, when we declined to buy ,they treated us nasty and unwelcome, we told them tat what they were offering was something to think about ,they said what was put on the table was now or forget it one we leave the building the offer was no good we couldn't come back for it, they have every customer in cubicles away from other customers on a one by one basis ,so my husband stand up away from the cubicle surveying the panorama our sales rep said "what is he doing I can get in trouble please have him sit down" they don't want you snooping around listening to their tactics. this company should be stop ripping people off of their hard earned money.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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