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We reserved a weekend with Bluegreen in Pigeon Forge Tn. and when we arrived the resort ( Laurel Crest) the room was nasty, stunk, and there was drunks everywhere being loud and crude.

We complained to the welcome center where we had to check in and they attempted to put us in another hotel that was 50 years old and even nastier. We couldn't stand the smell and filth, and it was already 9:30 at night, so we cancelled our vacation and went back home. Bluegreen refused to refund any of our money.

Waisted trip to Pigeon Forge, ruined vacation, and all thanks to this company called Bluegreen. They definitely need training in customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I am a Silver Owner with Blue Green.

Laurel Crest is toward the bottom of my list... We requested a non-smoking facility.

Our room was definitely previously smoked in, was very dank and musty and to top it off we bagged over a dozen fleas in a baggy to take to the front desk. No apologies. They said they would send an exterminator over within a hour or two. What???

Give me another room.

Now if you ever unpacked for a week, repacked and had to unpack three floors up, there should have been some kind of apology or even refund, consolation certificate or a complimentary mint. I just came from the Cliff's facility. Wow A1!

Big Cedar last year was really good too. Don't go to Laurel Crest.


I paid 100 to some kid in Bass Pro Shops one day to go on a trip to Charleston SC for a two day trip. I was already going to be on the coast that week so it seemed like a good deal to get a pretty nice room for basically 50$ a night, but when I and my wife went to the required tour, she possibly checked the wrong box on our income bracket and we were brought aside from everyone else and told that we would have to pay full price for our rooms after already staying in the hotel one night because we did not meet the required financial bracket and we could not take the tour.

I was soo upset. We felt so tricked and scammed.

I drove 7.5 hours to be in Charleston those two days just to be scammed by Blue-Green. They treated me like I was trash and when I called the people at Bass Pro Shops they said "well we try to make those forms to where anyone can fill them out" I asked the woman if she was implying that my wife was dumb and thats a whole different side of the story, but this was a scam and I drove almost 300 miles to get duped.


I just stayed in the Pigeon Forge(Laurel Crest) resort. We stayed a Monday thru Thursday night for only 1400 points.

The staff was pleasant and the room was clean. If I had to complain, the only complaint is the dumpsters were emptied in the early, early morning, but it was no big deal.

I bought my timeshare thru ebay for a lot less than most owners paid. At this point, I am happy.


It's a shame that you've had such poor experiences with Blue Green Resorts. I've been lucky to find that the new Blue Green Resort located next to the airport in Las Vegas is a great experience.

Reservations were a breeze, no waiting, the accommodations were exceptional as they have an entire "community" set up for your convenience. Minimart, liquor store, bagel and coffee shop, subway, etc. as well as a shuttle to take you to the monorail for easy transportation throughout Vegas and to the airport as well. The staff was very courteous and made sure we always had plenty of supplies.

Our rooms had full kitchen, washer/dryer and full living room plus everything we needed as far as dishes, cookware, stemware, etc.

We couldn't have been happier. There were some repairs that need to be tended to due to wear and tear from irresponsible guests and yes we ran into a couple of drunk and obnoxious guests, but all in all if you're an owner and want to actually enjoy your resort experience, go to the new VEGAS Resort.


I have been to Laurel Crest on many ocassions and have always found it to be clean and orderly. I have never encountered a drunk, much less drunks everywhere.

They do not have a lounge on the premises, and most always is frequented by families. I seriously doubt this complaint to be legitimate.

Lord Mankinholes

so what you are saying is that you are already a Bluegreen owner


The resort itself was fine but when we went to the owner update they lied through there teeth. even the coorperate office said they lied but wouldnt do anything about it.

they said it was past the 10 days so we were stuck.

valerie smith was our sales rep and she sucks. all i can hope for is that looses her job and gets ripped off by someone else, so she knows *** it feels.

Lord Mankinholes

Was your room in the Laurel Crest Resort it self or was it in a nearby hotel since you mentioned that you had to go back to the Welcome Centre?


Do you remember the street address to where you are going? We are scheduled there and want to know if it is the same place. Thanks.