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My husband and I bought a timeshare from Bluegreen on 2/21/04, were supposed to have it paid off in 1 year, and are still getting charged for it. We have never used it, can't sell it, can't rent it and are getting harassing calls from them about it. Who do you get in contact with to end this nightmare? If you call them with a complaint, they tell you that you have to call another number, call that number and get another number, and so on untill you are paying more in phone bills than they are taking for the payments that are 3 years overdue for stopping.

Our family was the two of us and one son with one on the way when we bought in, but we now have four sons. The financial hardship is killing us.

Then to top it all off, about 8 months into our contract, we get a letter telling us that we can not use our points and cannot do anything with the timeshare except pay for it. What now?

Monetary Loss: $5551.

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Hello, I was wondering did you get rid of this time share. I file complaints with Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protectio Agencies in South Carolina and Florida, I don't know what else to do.

They scammed us big time.

Thank you

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