Providence, Rhode Island
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I purchased a weekend from Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro MA on Dec 27th. Cancelled it in 30 mins because they agreed they could not deliver what they sold me. Still waiting for my money to come back to me. If I were Bass Pro Shops I would be worried about my reputation unless they are in allignment that baiting and switching is a good thing. These guys are crooks in my mind. I have called three times for my money back but they keep making excuses. They still owe me $25 of the $99 I put down for the use of their resorts that are not available but they sell it like it is.


Rhode Island

401 569 3244

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I apologize if that came off in a rude way, it really was not meant to. I wanted to let you know about the resort stay.

But also about gift card. I should not have said the thief statement, I do not think you are a thief.

I think you just misunderstood the sale. I apologize.


Unless you purchased a stay in las Vegas, this is a hotel stay. Wanted to let you know.

Also, if you purchased the package in a bass pro you were given a 25 dollar bass pro gift card. They returned the rest of your money but not the amount of the gift card. You keep that. Otherwise people would come in all the time to buy and cancel just to get the extra 25 dollars.

Don't be a thief.

They gave you the money you spent on the trip. That money has been returned to you.