Gulfport, Mississippi
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My stay at christmas mountain in wisconsin dells on Nov. 1st was a big disapointment,the room was dusty on the ceiling fans and pictures,little piles of dirt in the corners of the kitchen.upon checking out i over heard two house keepers talking about some guy named david that was the manager of the house keeping dept.they were talking about how he would go into rooms that the house keepers were in and make sexual advances at them and promise them inspectors jobs if they would do what he wanted.If this is how bluegreen operates its business its not the kind of place i want to stay at!!!I will be telling my friends how bluegreen operates there business

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If that is true then he cant be much of a lover since it appears that (according to you) that nothing is inspected or maybe the shock of what he has got in his pants make them all faint lol