Doylestown, Pennsylvania

while visiting bass pro at branson landing, we were talked into visiting Bass Pros latest resort. We were told it wasn't a time share and all we had to do was pay $25 and take a tour, listen to a short presentation.

They told us this would last about 90 minutes, but to allow 2 hrs. When we arrived there on our 34th anniversary,we were greeted by a young woman dressed dressed in a mini skirt and low cut top. 3 1/2 hrs later we were finally given our coupon to go get our bass pro credit card,after being called "Moochers", told we weren't very nice and basically treated like ***. I was literally Sick by the time I got out!!!

Thank God I don't have a bad heart!!! I Will never attend anything like this again, I don't care what I'm offered, futhermore I'm writing Bass Pro to tell them of my experience

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I am currenty trying to get enough people who are fed up with the lies and shady sales tactics and want to do something about it.


Darling I am so glad you addore my name just a pity you can not see that you could also have wonderful vacations darling.

Why do they go and then complain on here darling because they are the lowest of the low my darling.


@Miss Piggy and all other fluffy employees-if the deal is to listen to a sales pitch in exchange for a couple of days somewhere, then those partaking are NOT MOOCHERS, FREELOADERS, VERMIN, ***, etc...They have fulfilled their part of the bargain. I would think that the vermin are those who trawl complaint boards to insult and discredit the posters and even make veiled criminal threats to them.

A company that does business like that should be investigated by the U.S. Attorney General's office.


Tom, one day you get caught out and signup for somthing you did not want, hehe that will be fun you *** bas***d


I go to these timeshare things just for the freebees and then leave. Works great!

I could care a less if they dont like it. They rip off people everyday. I rip them off by getting their free stuff and then leave after I get it.

Its fun. More people should do this!


The sales people encourage you to go just to see

what they have to offer ...and they really push the freebies. They tell

you the freebies alone are worth the time .. Ugh! So.... The moochers

are the sleazy, low skilled sales staff! I purchased a

package for $169 but never could use it due to blackout dates or they were fully booked. I didn't get anything in return!!


the issue is not about learning what the product is, it is those idiots that just go for the freebies and when they get caught up in all the great resorts on offer and sign the paperwork they then shout scam. They dont want a timeshare they have no idea how it works and they have no money to pay for it, they just go for the freebies, these are the ones that are nothing but a pain in the butt. Miss piggy is right take them out and shoot the greedy bast**ds.


What's wrong with learning about the product...and then buying elsewhere? You are still buying the product! The company get's their money......The particular sales person may c'est la'vie!


Tasha darling you are sooooooo right about these terible people who are like a plague on the rest of us ..... who do I speak of my darlings non other that these MOOCHERS always out for the freebies.

Well my darlings I would put a stop to them once and for all (and please sorry for my french) I would shoot the Bast**ds.

That would be an end to it they are nothing but vermin and *** of the earth

sorry darlings I was getting carried with myself but I can not put up with this *** any longer


Lori ann I sure do give a "***" where my money goes but then again I am one of those people who did my homework , I knew from day one what I was getting and after 8 yrs are still very happy. We have long past the break even point and our vacations now cost a fraction when compared to what we would have to pay in hotel bills.

Dont knock a product that you know little about I have "met tons of people who are so very happy with their ownership" People buy and sell all the time and unlike people like you I was fully awear that it is not a $$$ investment but an investment in time spent with my family and friends going to places at a fraction of the cost.

So do us all a favour and go protest outside Wallmart or some other big corp. and let the owners who know what they are doing enjoy many many vacations for years to come.

But better still buy some Bluegreen points and come and join us and be happy for once in your pathetic and smallminded life lol


OMG Same *** happened to us..they are dishonest to say the least..for you people who say this works for guys are the people who dont give a *** about where your money is going..get a grip the company sucks..just do some research and look at all the people trying to get rid of theirs...have met tons of people saying the same and we are also writing Bass Pro


Sorry for your experience. I learned a long time ago to just walk out of these things, no matter what anyone thinks, if it looks like I am being set up or taken advantage of.

I know people like to be courteous and not rude, but I figure if I am being treated with no respect, I can do the same to them.

As a side note: timeshares are usually not worth the money you end up paying. Even Disney vacation club is but a glorified timeshare.


Yes, keep writing and telling about this bad treatment. Try