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We were told at BassPro that this would be a 90 minute presentation. No big deal, so we went. After 3 horrible hours of high pressure salesmen with plastered on smiles, we had to nearly be rude. Told them over 10 times that we did not want or need it.

We truly felt our precious day was ruined by their rudeness and not letting us leave when we told them we had to go. If you do the math, their "deals" are no good and you can vacation much cheaper! We called BassPro also and let them know. Hopefully, you will do that too if you have been subjected to this treatment.

It was amazing how many different "deals" they can pull out of their hats when you tell them it is too expensive! Don't be fooled!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package.

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Right on! No one should go to a timeshare presentation. :eek


Sheila ---- one sad old lady

why did she go to a timeshare presentation?

did she show him the other posts that say what a bunch of idiots most who comment on here realy are


That's a very good idea Zachary. Excuse yourself then never come back. If you go to a presentation and you're starting to feel pressured, do that.


I still had to get my husband as he was left there "captive". :roll


You should just have said, excuse me we need to use the washroom and then not returned.


Bluegreen is a total waste of time! They lie to get your money!

My husband and I were very fortunate to get out of there through the advantage of technology. We were sitting for about 2 and a half hours already trying to get out but they kept hounding us. So when I excused myself to the ladies room, I used my phone to google their ratings and voila! Complaints after complaints.

I showed it to their rep (John S) and he was speechless.

That was the only time they let us go because I was starting to get loud and the other people can hear me. Most of the visitors were elderly and shame on Bluegreen for taking advantage of them!


James yes its pissed cosumer and yes there are a lot of people pissed off with *** just like you, you truly are a sado.

Pity you can't enjoy the good life


I don't know what happened to the site I wrote here but I'm going to put it up again. This is what the Atty. Gen Tom Corbett did to help the residents of Pennsylvania who were scammed by Bluegreen. I'm putting this here so that the others know there's still hope:

PA Attorney General: June 24 Deadline for BlueGreen Complaints

Unlike spilled milk, it’s okay to cry loudly when it comes to timeshare woes.

And if it happens to be BlueGreen, make sure your cry gets heard before Friday.

Attorney General Tom Corbett is urging Pennsylvania timeshare owners affected by BlueGreen Corporation to file formal complaints by June 24th, the deadline in the AGO’s consumer protection settlement with the Florida-based company.

The settlement addresses complaints about BlueGreen’s alleged use of deceptive “contests,” misleading sales tactics, and improper contracts for timeshare vacation packages that were marketed and sold in Pennsylvania. This resolves the lawsuit filed by the AGO’s Bureau of Consumer Protection against BlueGreen Corporation and its subsidiaries, namely BlueGreen Resorts, BlueGreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations, Inc., all of Boca Raton, Florida.

The settlement applies to complaints that have been previously filed with the state’s AGO, along with any new complaints filed by June 24, 2010.

According to Corbett, “A major part of this settlement involves the possible cancellation of BlueGreen contracts, along with the payment of refunds, for Pennsylvania consumers who have filed valid complaints about their timeshare purchases… This part of the settlement could result in substantial refunds to consumers, depending on the nature of the problems and the total number of additional complaints we receive before the filing deadline.”

In addition, the settlement includes payments for consumers who were promised various “free gifts,” such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, gas cards and other supposed prizes. In most cases, the ‘‘valuable prizes’ were actually vouchers or coupons that required other expensive purchases before they could be used, or were limited by massive restrictions in the vouchers’ fine print.

“As part of this consumer protection agreement, BlueGreen has paid $125,000, which will be used to compensate Pennsylvania people who were deceived about “free” prizes – so consumers who filed valid complaints will get a check for the value of the item they were promised,” Corbett said.

Finally, consumers who filed complaints alleging violations of Pennsylvania’s Do Not Call law will also receive a payment under the settlement.

The Attorney General noted that “this is a substantial settlement for Pennsylvania, in terms of the money it returns to consumers who were victims of deceptive sales, along with the protection it offers future timeshare buyers.”

“BlueGreen has agreed to change its businesses practices to eliminate future confusion about consumer rights involving timeshare purchases, to stop using misleading advertisements about free gifts or prizes and to make certain that any future telemarketing calls fully comply with our Do Not Call law,” Corbett concluded.

Pennsylvania residents falling under any of these categories have until June 24th to submit a complaint to the office’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Those who already filed complaints, both before or after the initial lawsuit was filed in October 2008, do not need to take any further action to have their claims included in the settlement.

Affected Pennsylvania consumers can contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555. You can also submit an online complaint at the AGO’s website: Just look for the “Complaints” button and select the “Consumer Complaint Form”.


Hello, Avis. Hello, hello.

This is "pissed consumer". Obviously, you don't like posts about BG being a leech so you're not a pissed consumer.

Or, you're too dumb to understand anything. Go find another site where you can state your worthless "views", like poopyjoe or myspace.


James is one of those ***

thinks he knows it all and knows nothing



funny that a lot of peeps from BLUEGREEN are posting here, pretending to "laugh" and give BS opinions. BG is the worst timeshare company, worst than Wyndham.

Stay away, far, far away. They have a very bad reputation. Check the BBB, consumer complaints before even considering going to their presentations.

The people who say "use your legs" are the same *** people who won't let you walk out of those presentations. BEWARE!


what makes me smile na laugh is the number of people who lose the use of their legs



I have noticed its the tight fisted want something for nothing mentality that always complain on here


My husband and I also went on one of these presentations last weekend. We were there for FIVE HOURS.

It seems like after we say no, it's the SALESPEOPLE who are wasting their own time as well as ours. If we say no, move on to the next sucker and let us go enjoy what is left of our day!!


talk about being rude.....why would you subject your family time to a 90 min anything? All you wanted was the free gift.

Stop wasting EVERYONES time. You were not drafted into going.

You went on your own accord. Man up and stop mooching


I had the same experience. We were told 90 minutes and were there for 2.5 hrs.

It was awful. We told them that we were not interested more than a dozen times. Kept on going over the packages etc.

And this one time deal they keep offering - I don't think so. All they want is your money