Branson, Missouri
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Just read everyone else's comments + 1. I am still exhausted from the 4 hour presentation. By the time I got out, I was starving. They absolutely will not let you take an hour to "think" about your decision. And, shame on us...we fell for it.

But thanks to the Missouri state law that guarantees five days to back out, we were able to come to our senses in time.

Now we just have to see how quickly our refund comes through.

If you want to stay at Big Cedar without the commitment of a timeshare, check out eBay. Let's of people are selling their time on the cheap.

Please...if you are looking at this while sitting through a heavy sales pitch, starving for lunch and trying to decide whether to buy a timeshare....for the love of me. Be strong. Just say no and RUN don't walk away.

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You said it perfect -run don't walk! I almost signed up a couple years ago at Big Cedar.

We love that place and are going back soon but I will pay full price any day over sitting thru that BS presentation. I felt like I had the invisible gun to my head during it all.

I have never felt such relief as I did after I made it out of there wihtout signing up. I saw several couples that day signing up too!