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This company is very misleading and will say anything to get you to take advantage of their so called deal! They use misleading pictures, tell you lies, throw in extras that aren't free and give you the run around when you want to cancel.

When I signed up for this deal, I was at the San Diego County Fair on Saturday June 30, 2012, I was told that my boyfriend and I would get a 3 day and 2 night room in Las Vegas for a $99 deposit. The rep also threw in a "free" helicopter ride and tickets to a magic show at the Flamingo. They said we had 7 days to decide and that's when they charge our card for the deposit. Luckily I did my research on Bluegreen and seen just how shady of a company they were.

The actual pictures of the room display the quality of a Motel 6, there's an airport across the street that's noisy, staff do little when you complain, the timeshare rates and point system are insane, the dates you think are available aren't and probably never will be, and to top it off the 90 minute presentation is actually a part time shift-4hrs long! When I called the number on my contract to cancel, I was given the run around...from the actual reservation agent, to the 3rd party vendor, to the actual resort, then a voicemail and back to the reservation agent who could care less about me getting this trip cancelled. I ended up reporting my credit card stolen to prevent then from charging it and an hr after I reported my card stolen, guess who calls?! Bluegreen resort, it was Shelly calling and apparently some of the credit card numbers were mixed up or wrong and she wanted to get me booked as soon as possible!

What happened to waiting 7 days to charge my card? Go figure!

I'm so glad I cancelled this trip and saved myself the headache of being insulted, lied to and frustrated. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!

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well averagejoe i was correct all 4 recent comments are cut and paste just shows that you must be one of the brain dead lol

You may laugh you may think I am rude or you may think that "I know nothing"

But my average friend I am the one enjoying my Bg points and living the dream .

by the way are there any more cut and paste comments from you ....... just asking since it is getting a little boreing and I have 11 hrs left and all the machines are on long runs


I have read about 50 BlueGreen complaints and the user called UK ends up commenting on almost all of these complaints. You know, it seem that UK likes to say that he is not a representative of BlueGreen.

I actually believe him. Only because BlueGreen makes a point of hiring people who gives their a positive image. UK certainly doesn't do that. UK likes to insult people and give them advice at the same time.

If he had any since, He could say something nice and offer good advice. Instead, he insults and then tells you to go to Yahoo to find information on how to use Bluegreen points. Why would anyone listen to him after he laughs at you and calls you a fool.

If UK is a BlueGreen employee, then it is easy to see the contempt that he feels for their consumers. If he is not an employee of BlueGreen, then he has waaaayyy to much time on his hands.


It is so obvious that a Bluegreen representative wrote the July 3 comment. How *** do you really think people are? Oh that's right, that's what you count on to sell those worthless points.


Okay, girl genius, you report a false crime as a means to cover-up your own inability to honor the contract that you signed? The police ought to lock you up for your stupidity.