For years after my Dad died, my Mom tried to unload their Blue Green timeshare with no luck. Scam artist after scam artist preyed upon her, offering to unload the timeshare for significant sums of money.

I'm sorry to say that my Mom, as a grieving widow, fell for some of these unethical schemes and was embarrassed to admit it or ask for help. Since my Mom's death over 3 years ago, we have continued to be harassed and inundated with bills and overdue assessments from Blue Green. We have been threatened with collection agencies, despite having had an attorney submit my parents' death certificates and estate closure paperwork.

Nobody from Blue Green will answer phone calls, e-mails, or letters, or assume any responsibility for the correspondence they send out.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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If someone leaves you a timeshare in a will you can refuse the bequest. Generally, you need to file specific paperwork to do that.

Did you refuse it? You may need to talk with a qualified estate attorney about this.