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My boyfriend and I spent somewhere around $50 to purchase a two night stay with BlueGreen. We also recieved $50 in gift certificates to BassPro (where we purchased the package).

It took us two years to actually use the package because the amount of restictions made it almost impossible. When we did arive, we confirmed the time and day for our sales pitch. While we were standing there checking in, I recited several times, this will take approximately 90 minutes, correct? and the girl said yes everytime.

After 4 miserable hours we finally got out of there and were able to enjoy Mytle Beach. Myryle Beach is fabulous, but BlueGreen is on their way to single handely ruining it. You can't take a step without someone trying to get you to attend the sales pitch. You could have written a marketing textbook from these guys.

The sales rep assigned to talk to us made several very inappropriate remarks and asked several questions that were not acceptable for him to ask. Everything from asking if we were capable of having children to talking about how he gets "lucky" when he sends his wife to the spa for the day. He was totally oblivious of what was acceptable and what wasn't for him to say. In the end, after 4 miserable hours we finally said "No", and the sales rep said he thought it was a good choice, our relationship wasn't strong enough anyway.

Again, this totally pissed me off. My dilema was not with how committed I am with my boyfriend, it was do I want to be stuck with BlueGreen forever.

It's insane to think that after 4 hours, you know me. It's also insane to think that after 4 hours, I'm just going to hand over $9,000.

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yet another cheapskate

Pay for your vaction in full and dont try to get something for nothing.

the salesman was wrong in talking to you like that but on the other hand why did you not get up and walk out ??????