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My husband and I filled out 2 tickets for a drawing for a Jeep at a mall several months ago. In the last 2 months, I have gotten numerous calls from Bluegreen resorts.

I have answered 2 of them and have been informed that I have won a 4day/3 night land vacation for 4 people and 4 day cruise for 2 people. The 1st call I answered was from Georgia and the rep was clearly reading a prompter as he rambled the information out at 100mph. I had to be at work in 15 minutes, so I asked if I could return his call when I had more time to discuss the information. No.

He said there are no call-back numbers for their business (red flag #1). I asked him what my out-of-pocket expenses would be, he said he couldn't give me that information until a trip was booked and the deposit was paid. (HUGE red flag #2). I asked a few more simple questions that he couldn't/wouldn't answer and finally told him I had to be at work, and that I was going to decline.

He ended the call by telling me that I had just "wasted" a "one in a lifetime" opportunity that I would regret later in life. Seriously? Today I answered the 2nd time and the number was from a local number in the same area code where I live. He said he was a Manager at Bluegreen and wanted to know why I declined the 1st time.

I told him the rep wouldn't give important information and wouldn't allow a call back at a more convenient time. Wouldn't you know? He somehow "knew" who that rep was (who was located 6 states away) and that guy was fired last week. He started rambling on with all the destinations I could choose from and giving me the information of how many locations Bluegreen has around the world.

He informed me that I would need to pay $99 for the 1st 2 people as a deposit that I would get back as a meal gift card when we take the trip. He told me that he needed to make sure I "qualify" for the trip before he could answer any more questions regarding my out-of-pocket expense. I am finding that this is a question they avoid at all costs. He asks me if I am married, single or living with someone.

He asks me what our annual income is. Then he starts inquiring about our credit score and debt. What?! The only question I answered was to tell him I am married, but asked WHY would you need to know about our debt to award a trip I "won"?

Why would I give credit information to a man I don't know who works for a company I have never heard of?! I asked him to remove my number and never call me again.

If you google this company, which I did after the 2nd call, you will see that they are well known for scams. Please don't give these people any information!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just got the first call about a sweepstakes I won. I do actually remember filling out the card at the mall but I was immediately skeptical.

Asked for the company name and told them to call back. Did some research and found out it was a timeshare company. NOPE.

Not interested. Now I just hope they won't continue to harass me.


Just got the same phone call from them saying same thing such a scam and people will actually fall for it. Sad


You saved yourself a lot of trouble. And you missed a 5 hour, high pressure, sales pitch.

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