Franklin, North Carolina
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The lowest forms of life run this thieving operation.We couldnt travel when we expected and had to get an extension.Just as well because every time we waisted money on a phone call we were told the dates werent available. After a while we finally gave up and the sorry bastards wouldnt give us a refund of our hard earned money.


The Bluegreen Direct is exactly what I have fought against all my 24 year career in law enforcement. they are nothing more than *** artists and thieves in a corporate wrapper.Dont do like we did and fall for their lines of ***!!!!!

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Dept of Finance in WI 608-266-1064

Called them yesterday they seem to be interested. Also if the Attorney General gets enough people complaining they will do something. Three was a case in PA, Bluegreen lost


BBB means nothing.... you can pay for a rating

1-800-381-9469 x118

#258798 is a great place to look for classaction lawsuits.


Have you filed complaints with the BBB, Federal Trade Commision, and the Department of Consumer Affairs in the state you made your purchase and the state they deeded you property. Tell eveything, be honest Follow through with it all. It is going to take all of the people they scammed, lied too, and falsely misrepresented themselves/the company too- for anything too be done.


I wonder how much they paid for their A+ rateing


I got a FREE referral to a Florida timeshare attorney to handle my issue.

You can Google "TheTimeshareBailout" They have an A+ rating with the BBB.

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