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BLUEGREEN CORPORATION, Outdoor Traveler, Bass Pro Shops, Silverton Casino Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

Scam the Public, Bait and Switch, Unethical Sells Tactics, UNFAIR Employee Practices

Outdoor Traveler sells 3 days 2 nights for $49.00. When the customer purchases the package he/she is told she/he will stay in one of the MAJOR Casino Hotels on the the Las Vegas Strip. This is a LIE !

They customer arrives to stay in one of the old

Casino Hotels; Circus Circus, Sahara, Riviers or Imperial Palace, but in their "unsellable rooms", as I was told by a Complaining customer, who advised me to call the 800 number on their brochure to confirm that he was telling the truth. He described the room as "CRAPPY". Why did he buy the package? Because he was "dragged" in by his shirt sleeve with a woman intimadating him into the purchase. He was a New Visitor to Las Vegas.

Discrimination, UnEqual Rights, and More to Employees of Bluegreen Corp. Outdoor Traveler

Bass Pro Shop, Las Vegas Nevada Employees are made to STAND for hours at a time, whether busy or not, until OSHA was called and stepped in. Bluegreen hires employees with little skills, who are in desperate need for the most part so they can control them and make them as "slaves" on a promise of them making $100K per year.

NEVER HAPPEN ! Maybe one Sale every day or two...and $9.00 per hour. What a Farce !

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I am an owner of 12 years of a timeshare with BlueGreen. They asked me for a referral which I gave after talking with my friend of 20 years who I served with in the military.

He called to make his reservation at BlueGreens Oddysey Dells Resort knowing he would have to attend their sales pitch. He is a single parent with full custody of his two children ages 11 and 13. After he gave them his info they plainly stated that because he was not married and/or did not have a live in partner (male or female) he was not eligible to come to the resort and consider purchasing a timeshare. Nowhere on their website or any document does it state this policy.

He meets their requirements of age over 25 (40) income over 50k which he is and credit (his score is above 750) after many phone calls and transfers/time nobody in the Bluegreen Co. Can tell me the who or where or why there is this unwritten policy that has been done for the last 3 years according to a supervisor in "owner services" Discrimination based on living status? He is a single father who should be able to give his children the same vacation experience as anyone who's married or has a live in significant other. Just being married or having a significant other live in doesn't make a more qualified candidate.

Their requirements only state "if" you have a spouse etc that they also be present at the time of the presentation. Not that you "must" aren't there laws regarding this kind of discrimination?

Its not sex or race but living status?? Does the fair housing act apply to timeshares?


Cleared bank account after a $100 trip purchase.



My husband and I feel for it. THE FOUNTAINS They called us telling us we won all these amazing money saving trips.

We gave half the money. We was told we have 2yrs to use the trip we but we had to visit FL 1st. Now a yr later I just gave birth and we was ready to take advantage of this amazing trip at this beautiful resort. We called for the second payment and comfirmation on the dates.


Then when I asked for my money back they tell me about a 30day policy that was NEVER sent to me. Ive been to other time share places and this was full of BS.


Edward brace yourself for more insults from the likes of HC and co.

By the way HC is "The Fountain" of knowledge about Bluegreen ....... never been to a presentation not an owner never been to a resort but knows it all.

By the way have they finished painting Building 3 and 4 yet ?


I have been a Bluegreen Employee since November 2011. And I am insulted by the things people are saying on here. Calling us *** and thieves. These are blatant lies. I started out working at the Bass Pro Shop and now I do the actualy timeshare tours at the Fountains resort in Orlando. I have never had a company treat me better as an employee ($11/hr) just to correct that, plus awesome bonus and medical, dental and vision benefits for anyone working over 30 hours per week.

A lot of these people are lying, because Bass Pro Packages are not to stay in hotels, they are to stay at our resorts. But these people are told its based on availability. So people want to come to Orlando the week school gets out, but if we are filled with owners, we are not going to kick an OWNER out of a room to make room for a non-owner.

Are guests get more than they pay for, even if they have to stay in a local hotel, the gifts we give for these tours is amazing.

Example, $299 for 5 days at the Fountains (2BR), then they got a 4-day cruise, another free 7-day resort stay and a $100 visa giftcard.

If you really want to hear what kind of company Bluegreen is, talk to some owners, not the liars and name-callers on here.

@Edward D

Look Edward of course your gonna defend this company you work for them so your word doesn't count,cause I was today at the store n just the way the sales rep was explaining things it hit me right then n there that this deal was to good to be true so I didn't buy into it but my point is that I think its *** up to rip people off so people please do your research first just like I did before you waste your hard earned money on something *** like this. :( :(

@Edward D

Logic will tell you that the unhappy Bluegreen owner is truly UNHAPPY. Bluegreen does mislead potential new owners!

We were told in 2012 if we upgraded to so many points we would become a Bronze Level Member - we did - and we're not! When attempting to make reservations shortly after our additional purchase - we were told we were not Bronze level! Our hopes were dashed instantly - just like the first time we attempted to make reservations our very first time after purcashing initially! We have been members for over 10 years and have only been able to afford to travel to two destigations - TWO IN 10 YEARS!

Pretty pathetical and speaks volumes about this Company!

These complaints are not false - they are 100% true! :sigh


It was great until the contract signed. *** beds very uncomfortable noisy as all get out and we expected noise being next to am airport but it's like being in San Francisco during a quake.

The phone literally rings for no reason.

My question is if it's all great until the ink is dried (the very next day it all changed)how is it after being am owner for a long period of time. If I can't sleep on vacation it's just like being home getting up for work NO POINT IN BEING HERE :cry


Dear darling piggy, sweetie darling, regarding ypur assertion that those who want to go to a resort and pay "nothing" are greedy and moochers. Perhaps an unscrupulous salesperson in Bass Pro told them that this would happen because it was a promotion for the vacation community.

Perhaps, unscrupulous people who work for Bluegreen pose as regular timeshare owners and make rude comments questioning the mental capacity of the complainant. What dear wonderful,sweetie,darling Piggy thinks ye?


Gail darling please go with an open mind ,it is a good product and you do have the advantage that you understand it is a timeshare presentaion and therefore they are there to sell you some points . My advice is to buy a small package first see how you get on with it, but remember that as with all salespeople there will be an element of sugar coating.

I can tell you that there are club dues of $129 payable each year , this covers the reservation staff etc and the cost of RCI membership in addition there will be MF which are paid every year (please note for 2012 there was no increase in fees dues or mf), no matter what you read on here these fees are paid by all timeshare owners without exception and anybody even going to a presentation dbe awear of this. The problem with a lot of these complaints is that they are from greedy people who want something for nothing.

Lets hope you see past these type of people , also take note of the number of complaints on here , also not all who make these complaints are owners (many would like to be if truth be known but they just cant afford it Bluegreen owners number around 200,000, so not everyone is unhappy.

With any timeshare you have to plan ahead if you cannot then it may not be for you ( you cant get the best rooms in any hotel 2 days before the 4th July can you)

You will read that it is oversold , this is totaly wrong all points are backed by a deed held in trust by the club these stops any chance of the same week/days in the same unit in the same resort being sold twice.

I know some will reply that I must work for Bluegreen but to those low lives I can asure you that I do not


Well we purchased a package for pigeon forge this coming june and they told me in person and over the phone that i would be staying at Bluegreens laurel crest resort and that is what it says on my reservation sheet which i have kept a copy just in case it's a lie i'll have proof and by the way i'll give them the copy not the original just in case. My attorney looked it over and said if they don't fulfill what is on my receipt then i will be able to get my money back.


I was scammed by this company in Minnesota and so I held a sign stating so outside their Classroom(on public property). One of their employees came out and assaulted me and destroyed my sign.

I came by the next night. 2 employees attempted to assault me again. One told the other to get behind me. I ran into the street.

They didnt know I had a video camera around my neck this time. BlueGreen is a criminal organization.

@Bill Carey

As far as I know Bluegreen has no locations in Minn., so I think you are mistaken about what company it is. I haveowned with Bluegreen for over 5 years, always have a good time, it's paid off now so for about $800 in property taxes a year (that is possible to deduct btw) I can get out for about 10-14 days a year, been everywhere from Myrtle Beach to New Orleans, next stop Arizona. To each his own


:( Sadly, I took all I could handle and have left this company. I have in my possesion the numbers from all 52 stores with Outdoor Traveler in them.

This company is setup to be a revolving door with the employees. Last year there were 59,625 vacation packages sold. That averages out to 1146 per store for 2010 as a whole. That in turn is 95 per month per store, and then 24 per week per store.

On average there is about 6 reps per store (some have even more). That means for the NATIONAL AVERAGE, each rep is getting 4 sales (ON AVERAGE, so obviously same do more, some do less), which equals out on the payscale to about 20k per year. Some people will say well thats ok, for 30 hours working a week, and getting 4 weeks vacation not a bad deal. Here is the catch, if you don't meet 6 sales per week, what is called a 5.0 efficency rating, you are written up.

After 2 write ups you are dropped to about 16 hours per week, and when you get your 3rd you'd be fired. I was NOT fired, I left on my own accord. That 4 weeks of vacation remember? Yeah you can't take it if you aren't meeting your sales numbers 3 weeks in a row, so its a bait to get you in.

You may think to yourself well I can do this, I can sell the deals. Just remember that the NATIONAL average is 4 sales per week. I worked at this company for 6 months, which I can tell you is longer than average. We had 6 people on our team at most times.

I saw 8 people in that time either fired, or quit. If you can't do the job you're fired and someone else will come in and do your job. Now that may sound like commonsense but think of this first, how many other jobs would first retrain you? Or spend time with current employees improving your skills?

Not here, fix yourself, or you are fired. If you need a job, don't take this one WITH the plans of staying on, I'm not going to say not take it if you need some income, after all a dollar is a dollar. But make sure you keep looking because you won't be there long. They will promise you 50-60k a year with top reps making 100k.

You need 16 sales on average per week EVERY week to get that 50-60k. You'd need 30 sales per week to get the 100k. Just think again the average of ALL employees is 4 sales, so they lie to get new employees in the store. ASK them during your interview the average time they have someone there, they'll probably lie, but just ask, when and if you get the job ask your fellow co-workers how long they have been there.

I had been there the 2nd longest at 6 months. I wish I could post the file I have showing all the stores and their numbers, they have 4 good months in the store, June, July, August, and December for the sales, every other month is a loser.

The stores in Baltimore, Springfield MO, Nashville, and Orlando are exceptions to these rules, they do well most of the year so if you are in one of those cities this may or may not apply to you. Just be warned.


Bluegreen is a great company and a real good deal for your money!!! I dont care what some people say there is no way anyone can get a deal like this!!

I have been an owner for 8 years and I have ALWAYS been able to book what I wanted. Some people are just so *** complicated to love to complain about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING.....well then go stay at the motel 6!!


well seems Lord Mankinholes seems to have put it in a nutshell, good on you

Shu seems to be a *** bag (I have seen him on verious sites somtimes hes fight for our country other times hes a teacher what I do kno is that he or it may be she is very unreliable)


I work for Bluegreen and can tell you I am treated very well.The company has great benefits as well as working you all year.Most tourist company's lay off workers in the "off" season.Time shares are great if you get more than the sampler.You have many options of when and where you can stay.I can not speak on sales tactics as I don't work in sales.But Bluegreen is not bad to employees and I love working for them


i win the battle with margarito. i have a lot of money.

i choose BLUEGREEN LAS VEGAS as my timeshare.this is the best now a days. you know.


bluegreen is the best company...i visit their location, bad reputation...good service...the gift are guaranteed without losing money...those people saying bad things,they are just ruining the company...


We just got scammed into buying one of these 3 day 2 night deals for $99 at the BassPro shop in Dehnam Springs LA. The sales people there said we would stay at the resort of our choosing and then do the tour etc.

(which sounded fair). What they don't tell you and won't let you read in the contract (because it is presented quickly on a computer screen) is that you WILL NOT stay at the resort but a local hotel (the guy at reservations was telling me of a Holiday Inn Express) and then brought in for a tour of the resort.

What a scam, the salesguy clearly and repeatedly said we would stay at the resort itself (btw if you want to stay a the resort you can upgreat for like $400).

We won't be going to BassPro anymore as well, since they patronize this jerks.

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