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BLUEGREEN CORPORATION, Outdoor Traveler, Bass Pro Shops, Silverton Casino Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

Scam the Public, Bait and Switch, Unethical Sells Tactics, UNFAIR Employee Practices

Outdoor Traveler sells 3 days 2 nights for $49.00. When the customer purchases the package he/she is told she/he will stay in one of the MAJOR Casino Hotels on the the Las Vegas Strip. This is a LIE !

They customer arrives to stay in one of the old

Casino Hotels; Circus Circus, Sahara, Riviers or Imperial Palace, but in their "unsellable rooms", as I was told by a Complaining customer, who advised me to call the 800 number on their brochure to confirm that he was telling the truth. He described the room as "CRAPPY". Why did he buy the package? Because he was "dragged" in by his shirt sleeve with a woman intimadating him into the purchase. He was a New Visitor to Las Vegas.

Discrimination, UnEqual Rights, and More to Employees of Bluegreen Corp. Outdoor Traveler

Bass Pro Shop, Las Vegas Nevada Employees are made to STAND for hours at a time, whether busy or not, until OSHA was called and stepped in. Bluegreen hires employees with little skills, who are in desperate need for the most part so they can control them and make them as "slaves" on a promise of them making $100K per year.

NEVER HAPPEN ! Maybe one Sale every day or two...and $9.00 per hour. What a Farce !

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Thats too bad, we purchased ours at BassPro in Springfield, MO on our way to Branson. The rep in the store specifically said we would not be staying at Big Cedar, but at a Hotel in Branson, either the Radisson or Hilton.

However, later we did get a call and they offered an upgrade to stay on the Big Cedar property which we would have done but couldn't make the dates work. We attended a 12:45pm presentation with a very nice man, there was no pressure at all, the Big Cedar resort is absolutely beautiful. We really wanted to do it, the monthly we could afford but did not have the down payment. I will say this to those that go, the salesman at Big Cedar did say they are straight commission, so unless you like to vacation or are somewhat interested in their product, we felt a bit bad for the guy for wasting his time.

My dad sold newspaper advertising so I may have a soft spot. Anyway no complaints from me and my husband.


I just took the tour at Blue Greens newest resort, the fountains. It was beautiful and we had a great time.

WE took a 3 1/2 hour tour with some very friendly sales associates. And were not pressured to buy, but yet we negotiated for a contract. I was not happy with the price of it. But they did there best to work with me and fullfilled all there obligations.

I had a great trip and if I ever decided to buy a time share I will consider Bluegreen. As for their employee practices, I have no clue.


BlueGreen Is a rip off period.I left because I couldn't stand being around these jerks another momment...

They lie to everyone and treat thier employees with no respect


:? We just went to Bass Pro in TN and did the promo.

$149.00 for a three day 2 night trip to any of the "resorts" but we have to book before feb 18th to recive an additional gift card. And then set through a 2 hours tour which really doen't sound bad for the price. I kinda wish we didn't do this after reading all these posts!!!! Everyone has worked for an *** company but I am not sure what to belive!!

I guess either way we are out of the money plus whatever we spend while we are down there. So I guess we will see. But if it is a scam people *** suck!

We work hard for our little bit of money and then big companys try to take it away with great "DEALS" I guess the old saying is true. NOTHING IN LIFE IS "FREE"


i am a bluegreen employee and i wanted to make a statement on your analysis i see now that you are right. myself and a coworker were made to stand in the pouring rain.

The coworker was pregnant at the time. BUT we DO NOT get 9.00 an hour it is 8.00 an hour or the commision for our tours


Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.

Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.

Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

*** bags working for *** bags.


:grin IThink that if you ask the right questions when you buy you won't get ripped off. The trip is simple.

3 Days 2 nights now 99.00. You stay at a hotel, unless you go to vegas, which by the way is a new resort at club 36, right behind the MGM. You DO have to go on a tour of the resort, but if you don't like it DONT BUY IT!!!

As for working for them in the Bass Pro shop, its all in how you make it.

9 buck an hour sucks, but if you can actually stand behind what you sell its not a bad living. Use your head... If you see what the commission scale is and do the math you should know that it will not be 100,000. I sell an average of 9/week which is about 650/week.

That averages out to about 36,000/year.

On a 30 hour work week that is not bad!!! Be Smart about stuff!!

Lord Mankinholes

oh dear what do we have here, a bitter employee and serveral people that what something for nothing



The ATTORNEY GENERAL HAS FILED SUIT AGAINST THESE CONARTISTS AND SCAMMERS. Go to the follwing website and let your voice be heard.


Most people are learning that Blue Green is a SCAM and they USE FAVORITISM...Religious Discrimination, and they Break OSHA'S RULES....however it seems the "pay off" the right people to keep open. Only the Public, You and Me can STOP THE CROOKS with SPREADING TH WORD OVER THE INTERNET, OVER THE RADIO AND TELEVISION...ANY OTHER IDEAS MIGHT WORK ALSO.


Former Employee


bluegreen is a rip off they lie from start to finish and because of that i will never go back to tennessee again they prey on the weak and how they can sleep at night i'll never know


I could not agree with you more. Never been to one of their resorts but used to work in Florida location store.

What a joke. The Manager is worthless and never there. The only time there were any sales was during the holidays, and after that the store was empty and there were 7 people working at one time.

Oh, another thing, they screw up your check every chance they get and they do not correct it only offer excuses. What a joke of a company.


I wish I would have knew about Blegreen before going. Cheap, ditry, sleezy hotels for 49 bucks a night in Vegas.

Free show tickets were not really free and others were passing out the same coupons on the street without a presentation. No free casion money as promised, and did not get my 50 dollars back...only a Visa gift card. Do not take a trip to Vegas for Bluegreen TimeShare Presentation.

It is a waste of time and money!!! You will not get anything out of it...they win by taking your time during the presentation!

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