Reston, Virginia

Beware to anyone reading this! If I had known how much Bluegreen inflates fees and flat out lies against their contract, I would have ran away!

They started billing us fees 2 months after we signed a contract that we had the first YEAR paid. They charged us 'over time to pay fees', lock out fees, now since 2004, the fees are over $3700. And we have NEVER used the property or points!

RUN! they sell properties away from where YOU live in order to guarantee you can't take it to a lawyer, unless you want to move!

We took it to our local attorney and found out we had to go to Kentucky in order to file in their state where the 'points' were located in order to even try to fight this.

We tried 5X to arrange vacation plans for the beach, 20 days in advance, 60 days and then 9 months out. Were told no space available at the beach. So I called as a non-member and guess what. There IS space available. Talk about feeling lied to. I was so upset. So we didn't pay fees at all, now they're threatening to 'foreclose' on us after we have let them withdraw $164 out of our checking account every month since 2004. All we paid in will be lost and we'll have a *** foreclosure on our credit!

Not right, not fair someone has to do something about this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I am also a owner I owned 6000 points and would love to sell them. I love the Resorts, just not able to use them, anyone interested email me at


I am a Bluegreen owner and to all you bitter people...go get a life. Everything in life some with a price, nothing is free.

I have never had a problem with the company and I am able to book wherever I want. I have traveled all over the world thanks to Bluegreen!!


:( just contacted by a bluegreen rep informing me i'd won a vacation. only wanted $499 apiece for myself and four family members to travel.

this is a scam. run.

even asked for my mastercard number over phone. anyone calling from bluegreen is a scam artist.


the only joke is you dearie


I am also a Bluegreen owner and how silly of me to have signed on that dotted line. What a joke this resort ownership is!!!!!! RUN!!!!



How many points do you have ?????

if last years fees were 400 (and the nearest point value I can get to this is 3000 points which would have u paying 431 last yr)

then this year you would have paid 455

so where do you get 600 from

if you are going to mnake these comments get it at least correct and stop the lies


maintainace fees first year 150, last year 400 this year 650, merry christmas, I am now on lockout....cant use the points I accrued last year, even thou I paid maint. for last year.

Sampler ***, I get 5 days every other year, pay 150 a month and yearly maint fees. Why did I do this??????


I have been an owner with Bluegreen Resorts since 2004 and have been an owner in three resorts during that time. Yes I had a problem booking in a resort in the beginning because I did not have enough points.

Since then I have upgraded with more points. With the help of a wonderful customer service agent (without getting mad) she showed me how to make bookings correctly without any problems. Since then I have used Bluegreen lots and am HAPPY!


You are right; you can have problems with salespeople. Not all salespeople are bad.


Hey....'another bluegreen owner', how can you sleep at night knowing you work for the most unethical, immoral company in business today. That is just like a Bluegreen minion to run off at the mouth about "go thought RCI", "Rent out your points if you can't get what you want", "you should have read the contract..blah, blah, blah".

You people are complete ***. Seriously, the lowest form of life there is.

Bluegreen is like the bottom quarter of the septic tank where all the fecal sludge resides. Yep, Bluegreen fecal sludge.


I would not be angry if I was not mislead with high pressure sales and persuaded with trickery. I was manipulated by their sales tactics.

I went in with the sole idea of getting a free gas card, (when gas was $4 a gallon) and a free trip, ( just for showing up) when the new resort opened. I was told at the reception area to just put 40K as my income. I figured okay whatever, I just want the free stuff. After the presentation I told them several times I couldn't afford it.

They suddenly found another unit that was cheaper "a Studio", certainly I could afford this! "Such a deal you can’t pass this up". I was sold a unit I could not truly afford with the incorrect notion that I could refinance it. I would have easily been able to afford it if that were true.

I was told I could refinance it at a lower rate of interest! That was a huge lie. After researching it, you can't refinance points! There is no real property to refinance.

An institution won't touch it! Bluegreen didn't verify pay stubs, or credit to see if I was truly eligible, etc. If they "care" so much about there owners why would they do such things leaving other owners to pick up the slack for those who were tricked or deceived? I should have known better, but now I am stuck with something I can't sell or use because I am now divorced and unemployed.

How fun that is! Does anyone know why they use an agency that doesn't actually advertise or sell your unit as a dedicated seller?

PS. Satisfied owner... I don't think you would feel the same way if you were one of the people that kept getting buried in fees so that you could never take advantage of actually using the resorts!

I am sure you will resent it when the time comes for you to try to sell it and you can not. The maintenance fees are just the icing on the cake for those who were deceived not the sole reason for dissatisfaction.


Highly suspicious! How can you have points in Kentucky when Bluegreen has no resort in Kentucky?


How many points do you have ?

Who have you got them up for sale with?

What price per point?


This is in response to the comment by "another bluegreen owner". I DO know how to use what I "bought".

I also know how to use the English language, as well!

I don't see anyone knocking down my door to purchase my points in Bluegreen! That speaks for itself!


Unhappy bluegreen owner, they a plenty of owners with a good deal of sense and can use what they have bought.

It appears you are not one of them .

please don't knock those who know how to and use the system


I can not comprehend how anyone with good sense, could or would be happy with ownership in Bluegreen! If you are out there, I'll sell you mine!!!!!



This is from the BGVC AGM

and please note the part about owners not paying what the owe.

As the managing entity for your Association, Bluegreen Resorts Management, Inc. (BRM) strives to reduce or maintain costs at every opportunity. For the last ten years, the annual Club Dues have remained consistent at $115. However, due to increasing costs and bad debt expense for non-paying Club Owners, there will be an increase of the fee to $129.



What I don't understand is why you bought into Bluegreen when they do not have a resort in the area you wish to spend you holidays.

You can always exchange by booking a full week with BG and then paying RCI to exchange.

That to me seems a very odd way to use a timeshare , if you always want to spend your week(s) in San Diego then you shoud have bought a timeshare in that area.

All timshare salespeople will tell you that yes you can exchange with RCI and yes they are correct but they cannot tell you that availabilty at the resort you want will be there at the date you want to go, only RCI can tell you that.

You say you are pissed off with Bluegreen , well how do you think we (all happy Bluegreen owners) feel when people like your self do not pay what is owed.

It is not our fault that you bought the wrong product .You did read the contract ,you did initial the little boxes saying you understood it all.

At 66 yrs of age you come from a generation that truley knows right from wrong and being from that generation you should honour you obligations and pay what is owed.

So please do one of two things -- use it or sell it but dont just sit there and expect us to pay for you its just not on.

By the way you will still have to pay what you owe in fees before you can sell it.

Bluegreen will (and rightly so) put it in the hands of a debt collector. this again costs the rest of the owners money.


The most important thing on my agenda was being able to stay in San Diego in May every year. I was told there would be absolutely no problem with that.

There is absolutely no availibility in San Diego hardly ever and I was told by RCI that I would have to call one and one half years in advance in order to have a chance at getting in at Capri By The Sea, which is one of only two that RCI is connected with and you have to do a tradeout with them from a Bluegreen resort which I found out after purchasing the contract. I was lied to up front about all of this information just to get me to sign a contract and buy a timeshare which I did. I want out of it and will not pay another dime even if they do put it in foreclosure. I am 66 years old and have tried hard all my life to keep my head above water.

If this is the kind of honesty our country is built on, we are in huge trouble, and I have already paid since July of this year $3470.24 and have received nothing and cannot make reservations for the hotel I wanted to stay in, so having this timeshare will do me absolutely no good. I should not have signed in such haste and I will probably wind up paying for it with my good credit.

Frances Graff-Welch



Perhaps the two of you were not lied to in presentations, but in my presentation, i was lied to just like the person who posted about the scam here. it is hard to be informed when the sales company is flat out lying to you.


another person that obviously does not read a legally binding contract before they sign it, i will admit i might of had to call more than once to make a reservation, but if i just called a day or two later there were 2 or 3 different availabilities and as for the fees they built a brand new resort in las vegas, so i dont mind paying $50 more a year, i truly believe in You get what you pay for, do you expect to pay for the least amount of points and get what platinum or gold members get? if you haven't used your package in 4 years you really have noone to blame but yourself, educate yourself on your investment then try to use it and i guarantee you will truly enjoy your ownership, and in the mean time, PAY YOUR BILLS or no, you wont get to use your points can you drive a new car w/o making a car payment? NO

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