Pontiac, Michigan
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I got their credit card after I went to a informational seminar. They signed me up for the card but I never joined Blue Green vacations, therefore I would not have the perks the card usually offered.

I used the card once using one of their convenience checks. I was the next month charged with bogus fees and late charges from the very first day. I had saved all the paper work but it took a long time to get it fixed so of course never used the card again. Now two years later they start calling me July thru August 2016 I have gotten 15 nuisance cards they want to sell/buy?

my blue green points.

I never got points per the terms of my credit card. They are wasting my time. 15 x I have told them this and they still call.

It must be a scam.

Dreadful people. Have nothing to do with them

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Bluegreen Rewards Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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  • Blue Green Ripoffs
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Try working for these ***,worst people ever to work for!Dont let them take your money! Beware beware beware!SCAM!!!!!!!! I know I worked for them for a week and want nothing to do with them!Those people will have to face their maker!They just want your money and will tell you anything to get it


Worst company ever ! Scam scam scam


Obviously, you gave no idea what BlueGreen is. You don't get points ever from their credit card.

You have to buy into the time share. Funny I have their credit card plus time share. I love Blue Green. The places I stay at are way nicer than any 5 star hotel you could ever be at.

Do don't dog it when your facts are not quite right.

A Bluegreen owner since 2010. Also updated in 2014.

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