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Not a scam? They clearly deceive with the intent to take your money.

No doubt about it. That is a scam. Take time to ask questions? Absolutely, but what they say is not what you get.

Nothing they "promise" you verbally is in writing. Once they get your signature and your money, they forget about you and move on to the next sucker. When we accepted the preview offer of three nights at a BG resort, we were told that we would be staying at the resort they showed us online. Just before we were to arrive, they contacted us to say that we would actually be staying at a different place, a 4th rate dive.

When I said we would cancel or delay until they had room at the actual resort, they came up with a room there...but for more money. The lies and deception continued from there. We were fortunate to use most of the points we bought in the Sampler package last year, but it was very difficult to get rooms at places we wanted to visit, in some cases impossible. Even off season, middle of the week.

Nothing available. We have been told that the Sampler package is no longer available. They told us it was a regulatory issue, since Sampler members are not owners. But I think that is another lie.

I think that they stopped offering it when Sampler users saw how difficult it was to get reservations and later refused to buy in as owners. IOW, it opened people's eyes as to how it would really work once they paid tens of thousands of dollars up front, not to mention horrendous maintenance fees each year. My impression is that they are overselling capacity. The more owners they "take in", the more money they make.

But the less chance any one owner has of finding an available room (unless you pay even more). Kind of like an airline selling 200 tickets for a flight that holds only 150. 50 customers will have to search for a seat on eanother flight.

But where an airline may refund your fare and actually give you compensation, BG says "sorry, no room for you, but we keep your money anyway." Don't trust them, don't believe anything they tell you, don't throw your money at them. You would be better off just dropping it into a bottomless sinkhole.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Sampler Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Do not buy you will never be able to book the points the demand is higher than the supply save money and just pay for vacations. You won't regret it!!


They just sold us the sampler this past Saturday. Starting to think we will never be able to use it.


Book what you can now for future dates, even into next year. You won't be able to do it a month or two ahead, as most places will have no availability.

In any case, don't sign up for an "ownership" plan, no matter what they promise. Use the thousands you save to pay for your own vacations.

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