Saint Louis, Missouri

Went to Bass Pro in Branson. I was offered 150.00 gift card for Bass Pro.

They said we could use in the store or at Big Cedar lodge on our next visit. We thought that sounded good for a 1.5 hour sales pitch that we knew we wouldn't buy. We told the sales agent we were not interested only wanted gift cards for the next visit. After 2 plus hours we got our coupon to go some where to get out gift cards.

Do not make a life time decision in a few hours. I will never get those few hours back.

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I was approached with the same type deal, but in Michigan. Run away!

Oh and fortinet, it is obvious you work for BG, why else insult someone. It is not freeloading if the express purpose of the trip is to get you to listen to sales pitch.

One has then fulfilled their obligation and therefore is NOT a freeloader. Methinks thou dost protest too much.


MMMMMM another freeloader

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