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I bought a vacation plan in S. Carolina while on vacation.

When I arrived home I read more carefully and wanted OUT. Cancelled within ten days (Florida law, Fl. corporation). In addition rep said both partners in a relationship had to be present and we had to show we lived together and had joint credit card.

Yet, while my partner was out of room they gave me the quick sell and I fell for it.

Their answer: ignored claims of partership, said I did not cancel according to S. Carolina law. Have taken it to BBB and Attorneys general of Florida and S.

Carolina. My credit card cio. is also trying to resolve. We are seniors and think this is a senior scam.


OR HELP? Can we somehow do something as a large group of scammed consumers?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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South Carolina law states you have to cancel in 5 days. Blue Green is nothing but a scam to get your money. The lady that works at USPS in Myrtle Beach SC says she sees people canceling and sending back the Blue Green stuff everyday.


I was lied to and persuaded to buy a Time Share despite understanding what I was really getting into. Without going into too much detail I was recommended to contact Mr.

Jethwa at JMLAW in FL/SC. He was able to get me all of my money back and my contract canceled. I don't know your circumstances but I thought I would pass on the info to you since I am still pissed about being taken advantage of myself. You can contact Mr.

Jethwa at or 888-638-9630 ext 701.

He does free consultations so wouldn't hurt to hear what he has to say. Good luck!


If you bought in South Carolina, I believe you are subject to South Carolina timeshare law. That may be different than Florida law.

However, I would raise a stink on every complaint site on the internet. If you are over 65, and don't need a good credit rating, I would tell them to sue you and you take the credit hit. You can offer it back to them as a deed in lieu of foreclosure - or they can go through the expense of foreclosing.

They will be thugs, but you don't have to keep it if you don't want it. Good luck.


Hang very tough on the correct cancellation. Nothing by phone, only by certified mail.

Keep disputing until you get satisfaction. You do NOT want this purchase no matter what they promise.

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