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We were enjoying BlueGreen Resorts up until recently. I lost my job and called BlueGreen to let them know we would take care of any maintenance payments shortly. Setup a payment schedule with the repersentive and when we called back to make the payment, she said that we had already been sent to a collection agency.

I asked if I could go ahead and take care of the fees now and she said to call the collection agency. Upon calling them, we discovered that they had added a 235 dollar fee to the ones that we already owed BlueGreen. We were able to pay BlueGreen but not the collection agency.

I tried to work it out with BlueGreen but they won't accept any money unless we pay the collection agency first. I just don't see how a company can charge us for not doing anything, we didn't even know we were in collections because we never received a letter or call. Any advise would be helpful.

Monetary Loss: $235.

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Situation still not resolved. Paid the collection agency and unable to get rid of BlueGreen. It's like owning a property and is hard to get free of them.


:upset I sent my check to Bluegreen for maintenance fees on 1/3 through Bill Pay. It was charged to my account and sent to Bluegreen on 1/4 but not processed by them until 1/14.

I was told by them that I am being charged a $50 fee for being late. However in 2008 I was sent an Assessment Billing Policy which stated that it was re-adopted to not consider account delinquent until Jan 14 and fees wouldn't apply until January 15.

This year they whited out the Jan 14 and 15 policy. Is this legal to charge me without any grace period?


Even though I sent a check for my maintenance fee to Bluegreen on January 3 (due date was Jan 1) I have been told I owe them $50 late fees and will be unable to use my timeshare week until this is paid. Yet in 2008 they readopted their policy of payment not being delinquent until January 14 and no delinquent fees until January 15. Can they do this?


Actual honest information for all.

My friend has a 6000 point biennial program (which costed him 6250$$), with a yearly maintenance & membership fee of 330$ plus 2cents for each point in my program, which totals out to be 450$ each year.

I consider myself a savy consumer and after talking to my friend and his wife tonight I wanted to read up about Blue Green and am a little scared for them. The one very smart thing they did do was get a personal loan from a credit union immediately and completely paid Blue Green in full.

If you are in the hole financially to Blue Green, I would suggest paying them off using a personal loan from a non profit organization like a credit union, which is almost garaunteed to give you a better interest rate. I know it sucks that you've already been taken in, but you still can dig yourself out as fast as you can.

Thanks to everyone who has posted here for keeping my family from falling into this pit.


could you tell me how your situation turned out please. we are timeshare owners that want out to. and to do so we have to give someone 4000 to not guarantee us anything

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