Pinckney, Michigan

Although I have only 8000 points I have have good experiences at the resorts. However I stayed at The Big Cedar Resort in Missouri and decided to just find out what my options were for increasing my points.

I explained that I was not there to buy but just an informational meeting.

The salesman laid out what he thought would be a good strategy for me and I thanked him and went to wrap up the meeting. It was then that he dropped the bomb! He stated that I would "have to sign that I had declined an offer" .

I stated that I had not heard an offer as I was not asking for one at which he tried the strategy of that I must sign as "he would have no record of this meeting". I just laughed at him and left but I can see where somewhere with not much businss savvy could be taken.

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i would sale my 10,000 pt timeshare with additional unused 8500 pts. for half what i paid for it!!!!!!

Dawn K

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Holeinthehead....."you want to add more points join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo, we will tell you the best way to do it"

That Yahoo site is a staging point for a full frontal assault on your personal finances, by Bluegreen pirates.


You are pathtetic! You actually have the gull to complain about that! What were you expecting by going to a presentation?


If you want to add more points join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo, we will tell you the best way to do it

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