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I am a Gold member with Bluegreen and recently attended a owner update in Williamsburg. The salesman and the manager obviously dd not lke each other and both lied to me and my husband. We were basically made to feel like losers and were told that if we wanted to renew our our Traveler Plus we would need to pay $1200. They used that as the hook to try to sell us 4000 more points. We said no, because we have never used all of our points and we give away to friends and family more nights than we use ourselves. So that same week I call to make a reservation for a few nights for my sister in Florida and I am asked if I want to renew for $39 or $49. I was shocked at how they had really lied so openly to us. That was their main hook other than telling us that they would try to change our anniversary date. We have a 6/1 date, so it *** to plan Summer vacations. Other than Bluegreen sales people being pushy liars, I enjoy having the time to share and most of our time at BG resorts have been nice. We have stayed at about 10 different resorts and almost all were very nice. I would feel much better about being a BG owner if it were not for the awful interaction with sales people. Why lie to people who already own? You would think they would sell more if people did not feel dirty after spending time with their "Company Representatives".

Oh yeah, and my husband is semi-retired and he mentioned that he was thinking about actually retiring FT and the sales guy says, "yeah right, that is what everyone says, but nobody can really afford that." I thought that was rude based on his tone and he was making assumptions about us and our financial stability. Maybe because we can say "no", is why we can afford to retire. ***!!! The sad thing is, I liked him more than the "Sales Manager" that came over and tried to further humiliate us.

Bluegreen should audit their sales centers and how people really feel about the experience. It does impact the overall Bluegreen exp when if falls in the middle of a vacation at a Bluegreen resort.

Those are my thoughts anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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i have dealt with dawn krutsinger , she lies just like all the rest of timeshare people. timeshare is a sleazy business and if you think they don't lie think again .

they are told to lie just to get your business they promise and promise only to laugh when you leave. if you want to buy a timeshare go to ebay and buy one for pennies on the dollar, they are the same as buying at some rip off resort.


oink oink !!!!


Red man

Go eat $hit,and tell that easy sleaze Dawn Krutsinger to do the same .


I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares. The site can be viewed at www.donewithtime.com.

We dont sell timeshares, you wont or get any money for them. We just relieve you of all future financial obligation.

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We were pressured into the sampler (after we said No a hundred times!). Paid my 1000 dollars and got stuck getting my week in Wisconsin Dells in May, There wasn't any warm places available when I had to book!

We went to the Dells and were NOT going to get pressured again. Wasn't placed into a Chalet like they said. Went to the meeting and said no,no,no,no,no,no,no and they turned from being warm to ICE COLD! I refused the FREE tickets to wherever it was they were from because I didn't want anything to do with them ever, never again.

When I was leaving I wanted to tell all those poor people who were waiting to just RUNNNNN! I felt soooo empowered!

They have a certain way of doing things and we seen it, this cemented our plan to just say NOOO and MEAN it! FREE at Last!


We had a similar experience. We are silver owners and had an owners update in Williamsburg 10/29.

We also struggle to use our points and when we said we were only looking for an update as to what was going on and had no intention of buying additional points, he tried to tell us Travelers Plus would be around $1400 to re-establish membership.

I promptly called and renewed my membership for $49, which is what it should be!! It is definitely buyer beware when dealing with salesmen..

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